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Saxo Payments is the global transactions services provider, offering international accounts infrastructure, foreign exchange services and payment capabilities to a wide range of business-to-business (B2B) payment providers such as acquirers, money transfer organisations, and foreign exchange (FX) / international payment suppliers.



Saxo Payments’ solutions aim to enhance customer service for payments service providers and FX businesses.

The Saxo Payments Banking Circle enables payment suppliers to support customers in processing international payments without losing time or money.  This award-winning solution ensures that financial regulation is completely adhered to, without affecting business.

The Saxo Payments Banking Circle provides:

  • Access to a global account infrastructure, enabling businesses to process local payments and set up local accounts worldwide
  • A multi-currency, multi-jurisdictional banking solution that eliminates the need to have several banking relationships
  • Direct access to a €15bn daily FX liquidity pool
  • An efficient and secure transaction service via a fully secure, and compliant Oracle-based online banking platform
  • Competitive transaction costs

The Banking Circle platform and FX liquidity pool enables payment receipts in all major currencies at competitive prices. It also addresses the ‘lost cash’ conundrum of traditional banking processes.

The ‘express’ payments solutions ensure businesses receive funds immediately following clearing, instead of working against conventional banking timeframes.



Saxo Payments offers clients the geographic reach and access to the markets they want to trade in, as well as provide them with global payments and settlements, through its international account infrastructure and secure banking platform.

The company simplifies a client’s international trading capabilities, in order to help them to succeed in all their markets.

Banking Circle Virtual International Bank Account Number (IBAN) was launched at the start of 2017, enabling FX and payments businesses to have access to IBAN accounts in any currency and in any country and to create virtual IBANs for their clients.

Banking Circle Real-time FX offers a banking platform to global payments businesses that enables them to trade foreign exchange more efficiently and make international payments on behalf of their clients, enabling them to build new revenue streams and add value by providing international payments as an ‘add-on’ service for customers.



Saxo Payments’ team of transaction specialists work closely with each client, helping them select suitable solutions and delivery channels for their business and corporate environment.

Whether they choose to connect via the company’s web-based services, via SWIFT or direct from their servers to Saxo Payments, transactions are always secure, reliable and efficient.

Saxo Payments delivers the international transaction capabilities that businesses need to transact efficiently with their customers, suppliers and counterparties.  It helps businesses make and receive payments, control cash-flows and better serve their customers. This support allows clients to focus on their core business, advance supply chains, manage operating and regulatory risk, as well as achieve scale and efficiency.

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