Cloud content management company Box has launched a new content security product to assist in preventing accidental data leakages and “help enterprises secure their most important information”.

Launched in beta in August this year, Shield has been developed to help stop employees from accidentally or maliciously sharing files with the wrong people while allowing the necessary collaboration for business.

Built natively into Box, the content security product uses a system of manual or automated security classifications to determine who can access shared links, whether external users can access content, restrict downloads and determine what applications can download content. In other words, it prevents access being accidentally given to the wrong people.

Machine learning behind Box content security tool

As well as classification-based security, Shield also uses machine learning to detect potential malicious behaviour. By monitoring and analysing user behaviour, Shield alerts administrators to potentially unusual behaviour patterns.

It monitors anomalous downloads that could indicate data theft, suspicious activity such as rapid changes to an employees location or device, as well as detecting activity from “untrusted locations or high-risk countries.”

Jeetu Patel, chief product officer at Box believes that these features allow users to “simplify how they work” while not compromising on security:

“Businesses need a cloud content management platform that’s built for how we work today. They need security for their mission critical content, while also making it easy for people to collaborate on business processes with their extended enterprise of colleagues, partners and customers.”

Furthermore, the company has announced a collaboration with Splunk to gain deeper insights into content access patterns and streamline responses to threats.
Tim Tully, SVP and CTO of Splunk said:

“Some of the biggest challenges that companies gave today are the growing number of security solutions and the volume of attacks across an expanding surface area. Within the intended Splunk for Box Shield integration, security teams should be able to enjoy the benefits of Splunk’s cloud-based monitoring and the ability to investigate several security incidents such as data exfiltration, insider threats and anomalous behaviour.”