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Miami has a tropical climate, and it’s possible to enjoy a vacation here any time of the year.

The cooler winter months are the most pleasant, from December until April, when temperatures average around 24°C during the day and 16°C at night. The summer months tend to be much hotter, averaging around 30°C in the day and 24°C at night. It’s always best to have a raincoat to hand, especially during the summer months, when afternoon thunderstorms are a regular occurrence.


Generally the dress code in Miami is fairly laid back. During the day swimwear is the standard choice for Miamians heading to the beach. It’s worth remembering to apply sun cream during the day if you do plan on showing a little flesh. In the evenings, locals like to dress up, and many clubs and restaurants may enforce a strict door policy; if you are unsure, it’s best to dress smart. The local customs are typical of any Western city, and Miami is host to a wide variety of religions and cultures.


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