CMR Surgical has been granted a patent for a control system that manipulates a surgical instrument based on a remote surgeon input device. The system adjusts the orientation and opening of end effector elements, ensuring precise movements during surgery. GlobalData’s report on CMR Surgical gives a 360-degree view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

According to GlobalData’s company profile on CMR Surgical, Surgical robots was a key innovation area identified from patents. CMR Surgical's grant share as of April 2024 was 39%. Grant share is based on the ratio of number of grants to total number of patents.

Control system for surgical instrument orientation and end effector opening

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Credit: CMR Surgical Ltd

A newly granted patent (Publication Number: US11969228B2) discloses a control system designed to manipulate a surgical instrument based on inputs from a remote surgeon input device. The system is capable of receiving commands to change the orientation of the end effector and open the end effector elements. It determines angles between the longitudinal axis of the articulated coupling and the end effector, comparing them to maximum angles to drive the end effector elements accordingly. The system ensures precise control over the manipulation of the surgical instrument, optimizing the orientation and opening angles for effective surgical procedures.

Furthermore, the control system includes features such as determining opening angles based on trigger movements, utilizing driving elements to rotate end effector elements, and responding to commands to increase opening angles. By incorporating various driving forces and joint rotations, the system enables seamless control over the surgical instrument's movements. These advanced functionalities enhance the precision and efficiency of surgical procedures, offering surgeons a reliable and responsive tool for performing intricate maneuvers during operations. Overall, the patented control system represents a significant advancement in surgical instrument technology, providing a sophisticated mechanism for remote manipulation and control in surgical settings.

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