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Patent Statistics and Analysis Q2 2022

GlobalData's “Patent Statistics and Analysis Q2 2022” report offers insights into the patent filings activities, top patent filers, top patent technologies, top patent sectors, licensing & litigation trends, and social media & trend analysis. Q2’22 observed a decline in both the filings and grants, primarily attributed to the decrease in the patent filings of CN which has been the top contributor for many years. China’s utility model has decreased by 2% in Q2’22 compared to Q2’21 as a result of the enhanced scrutiny during the official evaluation stage. The decrease is reflected in the country's overall decline in grants. The major contribution in Q2'22 patent filings came from the US, EP, and GB, predominantly in AI, 5G, and industrial automation themes. The global economy has slowed down due to the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic damages. As a result, companies might face tough decisions about applying for patents and payment of maintenance fees. This is reflected in the slow-down of filing from many companies such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Qualcomm. Samsung dominated patent filings followed by Huawei and LG. Intel has witnessed the highest 42% YoY growth in Q2 patent filings mainly in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and digitalization. Beta-Bionics, a US-based medical device startup, witnessed the highest growth of 286% with most of its patents on artificial pancreas, automated blood glucose monitoring systems, and multi-medicament infusion systems. Chinese Academy of Science filed the highest number of patents in Q2’22 with a growth of 17% focusing on greenhouse gas emissions mitigation, image processing, and genetic engineering. Artificial intelligence recorded a growth of 28% followed by 5G and regenerative medicines. The retail sector witnessed a growth of 13% with the highest share in digitalization, e-commerce, and fintech-related technologies. Key findings in the report include: • Q2’22 witnessed a slump in the global patenting activity mainly due to the drop in patent filings and grants from the leading contributor China • The US witnessed a surge in both filings and grants with its focus on AI, 5G, and industrial automation • Asian companies spearhead the patenting activity, Samsung grabs the top spot while Intel emerges as the fastest growing • Innovation activity of the US startups is on the rise while China's university-lead patent filings growth has slowed down • Artificial intelligence has garnered the highest traction in patent filings followed by 5G • Computer technology has observed a significant growth in neural networks, image data processing, and video recognition technologies • The retail sector patent filings grew at the highest annual growth rate of 13% with an emphasis on digitalization • The financial services sector patent filings grew by 4% primarily owing to inventions in digital banking, digital payments, and insurtech areas • The licensing deal between Huawei and Nordic Semiconductor has caught media attention • Fintiv, Apple, Paypal, and Walmart were abuzz in the news for infringement litigations • New Zealand’s tech company Soul Machine announces an advanced version of its humanized AI platform • Hyundai’s and Ford’s crabwalk mode and Eko Device’s AI stethoscope hit the headlines For more information, download the report on Patent Statistics and Analysis Q2 2022.


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