Cristiano Ronaldo possesses the third most followed Instagram account, third most followed Facebook page and ninth most popular Twitter account, with a combined audience of over 305 million.

According to sponsorship intelligence tool Hookit, the Real Madrid star’s social media presence is worth more than $900 million to companies looking to grow their brand off the back of Ronaldo’s talents.

Between June 2016 and June 2017, Ronaldo posted 580 sponsored posts, which generated 927 million interactions, Forbes reported. Hookit estimated that each post generated $1.6 million in value for Ronaldo’s sponsors.

Unsurprisingly, Ronaldo has no shortage of sponsors looking to partner with the CR7 brand.

Cristiano Ronaldo sponsorship deals

According to data published by sports market intelligence company Sportcal, Ronaldo agrees four new deals on average each year. Each varying in size and expectation, these deals range from $500,000 television adverts to $30m-a-year clothing sponsorships.

Since signing for Manchester United in 2003 and joining the ranks of football’s elite, Ronaldo has signed a total of 31 major sponsorship deals across 24 industries. He has been sponsored by companies in industries ranging from fashion to oil, but here are a few worth picking out:

The weird

Egyptian Steel

Total earnings: Unknown

Little is known about this deal. According to Sportcal, Ronaldo agreed a deal with one of Egypt’s largest building material companies in 2017.

There is no data on when the deal expires or how much money changed hands. However, Ronaldo confirmed that a deal had been agreed by posting to Twitter that he had “partnered with the most safety-oriented steel brand”.

Accompanied by a green-screened advert of Ronaldo visiting an Egyptian Steel factory, the deal left social media users baffled.


Total earnings: $2.25 million

A sports star, known for his health and fitness levels, partnering with a fast food brand that is anything but seems like an unusual thing, but $0.75 million a year was enough to convince the Real Madrid captain.

Ronaldo was officially the face of KFC Arabia between 2013 and 2016, starring in the chain’s adverts and branding. He also appeared in KFC adverts across Asia during the same period, which we can assume was part of the same deal.


Total earnings: $1 million

Alongside his own brand underwear, boots and fragrances, Ronaldo also has his own line of mobile phone screen protectors.

Sportscal data shows that Ronaldo agreed a $0.5 million a year deal with screen protector company PanzerGlass last year. This will run until 2019, allowing PanzerGlass to use the CR7 branding on their products until then.

And the wonderful


Total earnings: $174.4 million

Ronaldo agreed his first deal with sportswear giant Nike in 2003, soon after joining Manchester United. Playing for one of the sport’s most followed teams, Nike were willing to pay out $5.1 million a year to a largely unproven teenager.

Having dominated the sport since, Ronaldo has seen his largest sponsorship deal grow from $5.1 million to $30 million over the years.

Ronaldo became the third athlete in history to be given a lifetime deal by the brand in 2016. He follows in the footsteps of basketball icons Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Ronaldo will be paid $30 million annually for the foreseeable future, with reports suggesting that he could earn as much as $1 billion from the deal during his lifetime. Nike has already paid Ronaldo more than $170 million over 15 years.

In return, Ronaldo must act as an ambassador for the brand. He has worn Nike boots during all of the 868 matches that he has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid and Portugal since.


Total earnings: $9 million+

Another contender for the weird section, automotive lubricant brand Castrol paid Ronaldo $9 million between 2009 and 2011 to advertise their Castrol Edge engine oil.

Ronaldo served as the global ambassador for the brand as it looked to make its mark on football. The company also sponsored the 2009 European Championship and 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Ronaldo seemingly did the job, as Castrol renewed the partnership for an additional two years in 2011. However, the cost of the deal was kept under wraps.

Emporio Armani

Total earnings: $4.8 million

This one seems more fitting. Tight-fitting, you could say.

Prior to starting his own underwear line in 2013, Ronaldo agreed a deal with Emporio Armani to become the face of their Spring Summer 2010 underwear and jeans lines.

The partnership, worth $1.6 million a year, continued for four years. However, Ronaldo seemingly realised that he could make a lot more money by starting his own brand.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s 31 sponsorship deals

Source: Sportcal

Sponsorship vs sport: How does Cristiano Ronaldo earn the most?

Ronaldo’s earnings from sport have been steadily climbing since 2012 according to Forbes’ annual world’s highest-paid athletes list.

The Real Madrid star ranked first on the list in 2017, having seen his earnings from salary and competition prizes climb from $20.5 million in 2012 to $58 million in 2017.

This climb can be attributed to a new contract signed in 2013 worth approximately $22.6 million a year, as well as Real Madrid’s recent dominance in the Champions League competition. Each player received €1.5 million for winning the tournament in 2015, while it seems likely that a player of calibre has additional bonuses written into his contract.

While Ronaldo’s sponsorship earnings have been growing, largely due to Nike’s increased investment in the athlete, these earnings are yet to trump his earnings from sport.

Source: Forbes & Sportcal

Cristiano Ronaldo net worth: How much has he made so far?

As well as his hefty wages and numerous sponsorship deals, Ronaldo also generates revenue through his CR7 brand, which makes everything from clothes to mobile games. His business empire includes hotels, gyms and museums.

Footballers also tend to make considerable amounts from their image rights. However, Ronaldo hasn’t since 2015, having sold his image rights to wealthy Singaporean businessman Peter Lim.

Regardless, football has made Ronaldo one of the wealthiest men in sport. While it is impossible to calculate Cristiano Ronaldo’s exact net worth, reports from other sources, including Sports Illustrated and the Daily Mail, tend to estimate it at around $400 million.