Hitachi had 132 patents in cybersecurity during Q1 2024. Hitachi Ltd filed patents in Q1 2024 for a computer system that evaluates the freshness, reliability, richness, and value of cyber security information. Another patent is for an imaging device that generates composite data by superimposing persons photographed in different images onto the same background. Additionally, there is a patent for an electronic control system that analyzes security events and executes safety and security features accordingly. Another patent is for a portable terminal and application software start-up system that limits the software based on user state and authentication. Lastly, a patent describes a computing device that replicates user and resource information between different computing sites based on replication criteria and correspondence information. GlobalData’s report on Hitachi gives a 360-degree view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

Hitachi grant share with cybersecurity as a theme is 41% in Q1 2024. Grant share is based on the ratio of number of grants to total number of patents.

Recent Patents

Application: Computer system and evaluation method for cyber security information (Patent ID: US20240104220A1)

The patent filed by Hitachi Ltd. describes a computer system that evaluates the freshness, reliability, richness, and value of cyber security information. The system includes modules for each evaluation aspect and is capable of identifying the target of application for the information. The richness evaluation module calculates a relevance degree for different targets and accesses a database to extract relevant character strings from the information. The value evaluation module then selects the cyber security information to be presented to a user based on the total evaluation value.

The computer system and evaluation method outlined in the patent focus on assessing the quality and value of cyber security information based on freshness, reliability, and richness. By identifying the target of application and calculating relevance degrees for different targets, the system ensures that the information presented is tailored to specific needs. The use of character strings stored in a database enhances the evaluation process by extracting relevant content for the identified target. Ultimately, the system aims to provide users with the most valuable cyber security information based on comprehensive evaluations conducted by the different modules within the system.

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