Inventec had three patents in mobile during Q1 2024. In Q1 2024, Inventec Corp filed patents for systems and methods related to enhancing real-name identity in the metaverse. One patent involves generating a fungible token to represent a valid avatar, which can be split, inherited, or destroyed based on user-triggered events. Another patent focuses on generating an avatar carrier for the metaverse based on a living body’s physiological features and real-name identity, improving identifiability and authentication within the virtual world. GlobalData’s report on Inventec gives a 360-degree view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

Inventec had no grants in mobile as a theme in Q1 2024.

Recent Patents

Application: System of generating, inheriting and destroying avatar attribute of real-name identity in metaverse and method thereof (Patent ID: US20240070650A1)

The patent filed by Inventec Corp. describes a system and method for generating, inheriting, and destroying avatar attributes of real-name identities in a metaverse environment integrated with blockchain technology. The system involves generating a fungible token with an avatar attribute, binding it to real-name identity information, and selecting operations like splitting, inheriting, or destroying the token based on user-triggered events. This system aims to enhance the availability of real-name identities in the metaverse by allowing for seamless management and authentication of avatars.

The system includes modules for generating, binding, executing, and authenticating the fungible token, ensuring secure and efficient handling of avatar attributes. The method involves generating the token, binding it to real-name identity information through unique identifiers, and selecting operations based on user events like switching between metaverses, executing digital heritage settings, or unregistration programs. By recording relevant information in real-time on the blockchain, the system enables accurate tracking and authentication of avatar attributes. Overall, this system and method provide a comprehensive solution for managing avatar attributes in the metaverse, enhancing user control and security in virtual environments.

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