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Leasing and Consumer Finance Specialists

Grant Thornton is a specialist accountancy firm with significant experience in leasing and asset finance, boosting value for clients.

Grant Thornton’s International network incorporates expertise from all around the world, delivering a truly global service.

Raising capital for businesses

Through our expertise in consumer finance and leasing, we have enabled businesses in a diverse range of sectors to raise more than £20m in equity and £200m in debt finance.

We have built strong working relationships with specialist funders and multinational finance organisations that provide capital for the leasing / finance sector

Our team of experts will determine the optimum financing options available to customers, with their extensive network of contacts ensuring that clients are introduced to funders that perfectly match their needs.

Transaction advisory services

We have a team of due diligence and transaction advisory specialists throughout the UK, as well as a regulatory compliance team.

We combine three specialist UK-based teams across regulatory compliance, due diligence, and transaction advice to offer a unique service based on in-depth industry understanding, boosting value for clients.

Should conventional financing options not be suitable, we have established strong working relationships with traders and alternative investors such as those dealing in private equity throughout consumer finance and leasing.

Our specialists cover areas such as accounting, finance, operations, regulations, and tax.

We can help secure the optimal price for sales through the combination of our principal corporate finance services and knowledge of investors.

Restructuring and recovery for asset management

Grant Thornton is an expert in performing independent reviews of a business, establishing estimates for recovery of funds and the best approach should an exit plan be necessary.

We are a leader in asset tracing and monitoring services on an international scale. Should funds be lost, we offer vast experience in recovery.

We can compile an in-depth pre-lending review, with all the necessary information to allow clients to make an educated decision.

In addition, we can perform a detailed analysis on the funding structure of a business, with advice and assistance on introducing any changes such as renegotiating the terms of credit, working capital management, or complete restructuring.

Strategic advisory services for businesses

Our team has proven expertise in delivering both market and commercial intelligence to assess clients’ sectors, markets, and product performance.

We can help improve the efficiency of clients operations, suggesting strategies and ways to optimise processes to enable business objectives to be achieved.

Our team knows what clients seek in advisers and delivers this through industry experience, delivering a comprehensive range of services range to stakeholders in the automotive sector throughout supply, distribution, sales, and ownership.

Through our sector knowledge, we have a deep understanding of the main business risks faced by clients and can identify the precise aspects that make the biggest difference.

In addition, our automotive specialists give us an insight into all the aspects affecting the industry and the capacity to provide practical advice to clients. This specialism in the sector has allowed clients to make changes to their businesses, which have resulted in achieving long-term boosts to their performance.

We know that the industry is complex, so we have allocated resources specifically for separate upstream and downstream areas. Within these teams are senior OEM advisers for support and a commercial outlook.

Our specialists have experience in upstream and downstream areas, covering:

• Strategy
• Restructuring
• Business consulting, including operations, IT and finance
• Corporate finance and transaction advisory
• Audit and assurance
• Dedicated taxation team

Value train roadmap

We know that everything is connected in a value chain process, making it impossible to isolate one element while failing to understand the involvement of stakeholders. Our familiarity with every aspect of the chain enables us to offer specific advice to deal with every challenge encountered.

In every stage of the automotive value stream, we work closely with clients in areas such as assisting them in meeting the demands of customers throughout the supply chain, managing volume and demand of vehicles, as well as boosting distribution and retail activities. Our services ensure that cash resources are appropriately managed across the complete cycle of vehicle management.

We are able to provide support on an international scale to automotive clients through our global network of technical experts. Our team can support clients operating in any country through the combination of local knowledge with a global reach.

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