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16 November 2023

Daily Newsletter

16 November 2023

Amazon launches its Astro robot for businesses

The Astro robot can map up to 5,000 square feet and provide customers with a live feedback camera that includes night vision. 

Alice Nunwick November 15 2023

Amazon has launched its Astro robot for businesses today (15 November) to be used for security in inventory spaces. 

Costing $2,349.99 and controlled via an app, Amazon’s Astro robot has been touted for its ability to give businesses 24/7 security.  

By combining robotics with AI, Amazon states that its Astro robot has features such as smart alerts, custom patrol routes and scheduled patrols. The robot can map up 5,000 square feet and provide customers with a live feedback camera that includes night vision. 

Anthony Robson, head of product at Amazon Astro, explained Astro’s potential benefits to small businesses. 

“Security continues to be a headache for small businesses,” he stated, “But traditional security solutions can be too static or expensive for what businesses need.” 

Robson stated that Amazon’s Astro robot has been tested in a variety of businesses and locations, stating that Astro gives businesses the ability to watch blind spots traditionally missed by static CCTV cameras. 

Amazon stated that its Astro robot had already undergone a year of beta testing by businesses and that among the businesses testing Astro, many have adopted it into their security service. 

Jonathan Hebel, COO of hospitality business Hapa Group, said of his experience with Astro: “Having Astro helped me sleep better at night… we use industrial ovens that, if not turned off properly, can easily start a fire… Now with Astro, I am easily able to check in via live view and triple-check that the ovens are off at any time.” 

According to research company GlobalData, the global robotics market was worth $63bn in 2022 and is expected to reach $218bn by 2030, achieving a compound annual growth rate of 17%. Service robots, such as security robots, are likely to be the biggest catalyst for this growth, according to GlobalData.

Enterprises will be the key market for the metaverse

Per GlobalData, the metaverse economy will be worth $400 billion by 2030. However, the theme has struggled to live up to the excessive hype that built up in 2021 and early 2022. The metaverse hype primarily focused on consumer use cases, but solutions like data visualization, collaboration, and training will fuel the enterprise metaverse. Despite skepticism around long-term benefits, focusing on the future of work will boost adoption by large enterprises in the next five years.

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