Nippon Telegraph and Telephone had 129 patents in connectivity during Q1 2024. The patents filed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp in Q1 2024 focus on improving CSI measurement and reporting for multi-panel/TRP in terminals. They involve controlling beam reporting or channel state information reporting based on configuration information, selecting random access resources based on system information, determining resources for interference measurement, allocating PDCCH candidates within the same slot or span, and performing feedback control to transmit multiple acknowledgments over one physical uplink control channel with different priorities. GlobalData’s report on Nippon Telegraph and Telephone gives a 360-degree view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone grant share with connectivity as a theme is 8% in Q1 2024. Grant share is based on the ratio of number of grants to total number of patents.

Recent Patents

Application: Terminal, radio communication method, and base station (Patent ID: US20240107354A1)

The patent filed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. focuses on improving the performance of Channel State Information (CSI) measurement and reporting for multi-panel/TRP systems. The abstract describes a terminal that receives configuration information related to channel measurement resources and controls group-based beam reporting or CSI reporting for multiple transmission/reception points based on this information. The claims detail the specific functions of the terminal, including determining the inclusion of the same channel measurement resource in multiple pairs in different frequency bands, transmitting CSI reports, and configuring CMR pairs in base stations. The system described involves terminals and base stations working together to improve CSI measurement and reporting efficiency.

In summary, the patent aims to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of CSI measurement and reporting in multi-panel/TRP systems by implementing specific functions in terminals and base stations. By allowing the same channel measurement resource to be included in multiple pairs in different frequency bands and optimizing the configuration of CMR pairs, the system described in the patent enables improved transmission of CSI reports between terminals and base stations. This innovation is designed to enhance the overall performance of communication systems by ensuring that CSI measurement and reporting are conducted appropriately for multi-panel/TRP setups.

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