NXP Semiconductors had 21 patents in internet of things during Q4 2023. The patents filed by NXP Semiconductors NV in Q4 2023 cover various aspects such as securely updating integrated circuits, point-to-point wireless communication, supplying power to backup power domains, decrypting homomorphically encrypted data, and UWB-based communication between mobile devices and peer devices. These innovations aim to enhance security, communication efficiency, and power management in electronic devices. GlobalData’s report on NXP Semiconductors gives a 360-degreee view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

NXP Semiconductors grant share with internet of things as a theme is 28% in Q4 2023. Grant share is based on the ratio of number of grants to total number of patents.

Recent Patents

Application: Apparatuses and methods with secure configuration update (Patent ID: US20230395110A1)

The patent filed by NXP Semiconductors NV describes a method and apparatus for securely updating an integrated circuit to prevent unauthorized modifications. The system involves an application-specific circuit receiving an indication for an update while a nonvolatile memory is write-protected and access to an external network is enabled. A reset-and-boot circuit then resets and boots the application circuit with access to the network disabled, allowing for the installation of the update. A recovery circuit facilitates the installation of downloaded updates and allows for the retrieval of updates from the external network, ensuring secure and controlled updates to the integrated circuit.

The apparatus includes various components such as a system-on-chip (SoC) circuit, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and communication circuitry to enable network communication. The method involves storing a programmed configuration in a nonvolatile memory circuit, operating the application-specific circuit with the existing configuration, and executing a reset-and-boot circuit to update the configuration based on downloaded updates. The patent also covers scenarios where the nonvolatile memory includes external and internal flash memory circuits, with provisions for write-protection, write-lock modes, and resilient recovery images. Overall, the patent outlines a comprehensive system for securely updating integrated circuits while ensuring protection against unauthorized modifications.

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