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Dorsum is an award-winning, innovative investment software provider. Since the foundation in 1996, they have become a leading software company in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region.

Over the last two decades, innovation was always in their focus.

Keeping up with business and technology challenges of the financial market, the developments are aimed at mobile and online banking and wealth management. The company offers comprehensive solutions from the beginning of the customer acquisition until the process of retention.

Chatbot platform for customer acquisition

Dorsum’s mobile customer acquisition engine, Botboarding Platform, allows financial companies to create onboarding chatbots that are incorporating a personable way of communication with traditional data gathering and user profiling to help banks to acquire new customers.

Onboarding presentation tool

The company’s range of wealth management software includes a Client Acquisition Tool, a tablet featuring onboarding solutions and presentation engine for engaging clients. Software helps optimise the sales efficiency and onboarding of adviser network with clear presentations and fast investment recommendations.

It complements personal communication and guarantees a remarkable customer experience on a face-to-face meeting.

Wealth management platform for enhanced customer relationship

Dorsum’s Wealth Management Platform is a new-generation front-to-mid solution that provides controlling, analysing, monitoring a large quantity of accounts and supports the advisory process.

The company’s forefront software is designed for financial institutions that wish to have an efficient advisory network with strong customer engagement, while staying compliant with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2004/39/EC (MiFID) 2 regulations.

The advanced dashboard technology helps to easily overview all details, and the built-in management information systems (MIS) and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking module supply essential information to executives promptly.

Digital advice app for customer retention

Virtual Advice is the first and only software product on the market that can enable a traditional advisory company to address its customers with a fully personalised and MiFID 2-compliant advice in the digital space via a cutting-edge mobile app.

Dorsum’s unique solution distinguishes it as it merges the traditional and digital advisory processes into a hybrid model to enhance performance.

About Dorsum

Dorsum’s proprietary software platforms offer versatile solutions to the capital market.

Over the last 20 years, the company has grown from a few employees into an organisation with 250 staff, including an experienced project team for delivering integrated investment IT solutions.

Its partners include MiSYS, FXSoftware, Infront, PwC, Oracle, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, and Portfolio Financial, and its client base includes BNP Paribas, ING Bank, MKB Bank, OTP Bank, Franklin Templeton Investments, Concorde Securities, and Equilor Investment.

More than 70 financial institutions currently use Dorsum’s solutions, serving approximately 8,000 individual users. The company cooperates with clients throughout the lifecycle of the products, by managing expectations in terms of budget, functionality and time.

The company has two subsidiaries in Romania and Bulgaria in order to emphasise its presence in the CEE region and respond faster to local needs.

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Hungary (Head Office)

H-1012 Budapest, Logodi str. 5-7, Hungary

+36 1 487 3030
+36 1 487 3031
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