Ricoh had 21 patents in 3D printing during Q1 2024. Ricoh Co Ltd filed a patent for a liquid fabrication free of water, containing an oligomer with a ring structure and an organic solvent, used for applying to a layer of powder with metal particles. GlobalData’s report on Ricoh gives a 360-degree view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

Ricoh had no grants in 3D printing as a theme in Q1 2024.

Recent Patents

Application: Liquid fabrication and method of manufacturing fabrication object (Patent ID: US20240018351A1)

The patent filed by Ricoh Co Ltd. describes a liquid fabrication containing an oligomer with a ring structure and an organic solvent, free of water, applied to a layer of powder containing metal particles. The oligomer has a number average molecular weight of 3,000 or less and can include various types such as copolymers, terpene resins, and phenolic resins. The liquid fabrication is specifically designed for use with metal particles like aluminum, zinc, and magnesium, with the metal particles' surface left uncovered by resin. The viscosity of the liquid fabrication is specified to be between 5 to 50 mPa·s at 25 degrees C.

The patent also outlines a method for manufacturing a fabrication object using the described liquid fabrication. The method involves forming a layer of metal particle-containing powder, applying the liquid fabrication, and repeating the process to create a laminate. Additional steps include heating the laminate to solidify it, removing excess powder to obtain a green object, further heating to remove the oligomer and create a degreased object, and finally heating to form a sintered compact. The application of the liquid fabrication to the powder layer can be done through inkjetting, providing a precise and controlled application method for creating the fabrication object.

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