Ricoh had three patents in metaverse during Q1 2024. Ricoh Co Ltd filed patents for a display system that allows switching between manual and autonomous movement modes for a moving body, with notification information on the accuracy of autonomous movement displayed. Another patent involves a display terminal showing a wide-angle view image related to a moving image, with a display area representing a specific area of the wide-angle view image based on viewpoint information. GlobalData’s report on Ricoh gives a 360-degree view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

Ricoh had no grants in metaverse as a theme in Q1 2024.

Recent Patents

Application: Display system, communications system, display control method, and program (Patent ID: US20240053746A1)

The patent filed by Ricoh Co Ltd. describes a display system designed to perform a predetermined operation on a moving body. The system includes components such as operation reception circuitry, display control circuitry, and a switching request transmitter. The operation reception circuitry receives a switching operation to switch between manual and autonomous movement modes, while the display control circuitry shows a location display image of the moving route and notification information indicating the accuracy of autonomous movement. The switching request transmitter sends a request to switch modes based on the received operation, allowing for seamless transitions between manual and autonomous movement modes.

Furthermore, the system incorporates learning-based autonomous movement, where the moving body can learn and improve its autonomous movement accuracy. The notification information displayed by the system includes details on the learning accuracy of the autonomous movement. Additionally, the system includes accuracy calculation circuitry to determine the accuracy of autonomous movement based on location and route information, adjusting the notification information accordingly. The patent also covers a communication system involving the display system and the moving body, enabling efficient communication and coordination between the components for effective operation.

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