Screen had one patents in big data during Q1 2024.The patent filed by Screen Holdings Co Ltd in Q1 2024 describes a data processing method that involves obtaining evaluated values of time-series data, classifying them into levels, and displaying an evaluation result screen with graphs showing occurrence rates. The method also includes displaying a history screen and a trend screen with temporal changes in evaluated values, allowing for easy comparison and analysis. Additionally, a mark is attached to the selected processing result in the trend screen for reference. GlobalData’s report on Screen gives a 360-degree view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

Screen had no grants in big data as a theme in Q1 2024.

Recent Patents

Application: Data processing method, data processing apparatus, and recording medium with data processing program recorded thereon (Patent ID: US20240012880A1)

The patent filed by Screen Holdings Co Ltd describes a data processing method for analyzing time-series data obtained from physical quantities measured during substrate processing. The method involves obtaining evaluated values by comparing the data with reference data, classifying the values into levels, and displaying an evaluation result screen with graphs showing occurrence rates of each level for multiple processing units. Additionally, a history screen and trend screen are displayed hierarchically, with a mark indicating selected processing results. The method aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of processing data for improved monitoring and decision-making.

Furthermore, the patent includes claims detailing the classification of levels into best and worst categories, the display of graphs in different formats, such as circle or band graphs, and the selection of levels based on specific conditions related to substrates or processing units. The data processing apparatus and computer-readable recording medium described in the patent aim to facilitate efficient analysis and visualization of time-series data for substrate processing applications, enhancing the monitoring and optimization of processing operations.

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