Screen had 11 patents in robotics during Q1 2024.Screen Holdings Co Ltd has developed substrate treating apparatus with features like pusher accessible by transport mechanism, posture turning unit accessible by center robot, and horizontal chucks for holding substrates vertically. Another patent discloses a substrate cleaning device with main robot for loading/unloading substrates and performing processes at different positions in the chamber. Additionally, a substrate treating apparatus has been designed to transport substrates efficiently by picking up, turning posture, and transporting substrates independently. Lastly, a substrate treating apparatus includes a substrate holder, second transport mechanism, underwater posture turning unit, center robot, lifting/lowering unit, and alignment direction moving unit for efficient substrate handling. GlobalData’s report on Screen gives a 360-degree view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

Screen had no grants in robotics as a theme in Q1 2024.

Recent Patents

Application: Substrate treating apparatus (Patent ID: US20240105483A1)

The patent filed by Screen Holdings Co Ltd describes a substrate treating apparatus that includes a pusher accessible by a first transport mechanism and a posture turning unit accessible by a center robot. The apparatus involves a second transport mechanism with horizontal chucks to hold substrates vertically and deliver them to the posture turning unit, which includes upper and lower chucks for radial support and rotation around a horizontal axis.

The claims detail the configuration of the substrate treating apparatus, including batch and single-wafer treatment capabilities, a posture turning mechanism, and specific components like chucks, guide grooves, and auxiliary chucks. The apparatus also includes features such as a stand-by tank for liquid immersion, holder and posture turning nozzles for liquid supply, and a rotator for vertical axis rotation. Additionally, the apparatus allows for the transport of substrates in different patterns and orientations, enhancing its versatility and efficiency in substrate treatment processes.

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