This is Verdict

Verdict is part of the future of journalism, covering the latest global economic and business issues with accuracy, authority, and integrity in a digital native format. 

We are publishing creative and intelligent content, providing interesting news, comment, and analysis for the global business community, adding value with data.


Based in London, but drawing on GlobalData’s wealth of intelligence from around the world, Verdict will explore the issues and events that matter most.

Verdict’s primary goal is to help its readers make sense of a rapidly changing world, not by claiming to have all the answers but by offering a fresh perspective.

Increasingly uncertain times

It’s almost ten years since the financial crisis swept across the globe and economic stability is yet to return. World leaders are beginning to experiment with a return to fiscal normality but the potential effects of this on every industry are impossible to predict.

Verdict, much like The New Statesman’s analysis and fresh take on socialism in the early 20th century, will highlight the changes to capitalism, globalisation, and neo-liberalism that are disrupting the economic status quo.

The rise of populism and the backlash against the political establishment, both on this side of the Atlantic and in the US, means the business community will take an increasingly important role in world affairs.

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Insight through data

Data can tell us a great many things about the world. It can detail trends that have come before and forecast those that could come after.

Verdict is powered by smart visualisation techniques that allow the data to speak for itself. Data cannot provide all of the answers but it can give us a better understanding of the world.

The cornerstone of Verdict’s journalistic approach is the sharing of data and intelligence so we can all reach better informed and educated opinions on a range of topics.

Case in point: Saudi Arabia-led oil cartel Opec recent moved to make its first cut to production in 15 years.

The jury is still out on whether that promise of lower production will materialise in the real world, but one thing we can see is that US production is only likely to move in one direction.

The objective of the cuts is a recovery in the crude price back to its 2014 highs of $115 per barrel, however tightening Opec’s supply is likely to mean a sharp rise in US production.

The oil price has climbed on Opec’s intention to drain the oil glut, but how does the US increase in exports and production factor?

A digital first format

The launch of Verdict is just another step in the ongoing process of delivering information online. The line between journalism and content has become blurred beyond recognition and, while that throws up challenges, it means there is more scope than ever for creativity in the newsroom.

Its app — available now on iPhone and coming soon on Android — is simple, with a clean user interface.

We’re not doing anything radical in our approach. We’re not forsaking a website home page and we’re not migrating entirely to social media channels.

What we are is open to new things, new forms of story telling, and new ways of making the world easier to understand.