Asana had two patents in cybersecurity during Q1 2024. Asana Inc filed patents in Q1 2024 for systems and methods that provide a collaboration work management platform allowing differentiation between users in a group and subsets of users within the group. The platform enables users in different subsets to use it differently. Additionally, the patents cover the provision of a dashboard for the collaboration work management platform, displaying work information and user assignments within a set of units of work. GlobalData’s report on Asana gives a 360-degree view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

Asana had no grants in cybersecurity as a theme in Q1 2024.

Recent Patents

Application: Systems and methods for providing a collaboration work management platform that facilitates differentiation between users in an overarching group and one or more subsets of individual users (Patent ID: US20240031188A1)

The patent filed by Asana Inc. describes systems and methods for a collaboration work management platform that allows for differentiation between users in an overarching group and subsets of individual users within the group. This enables users in different subsets to use the platform differently based on their collaboration needs. The system involves hardware processors configured with machine-readable instructions to enable and disable specific features for users based on their collaboration interactions within the online environment. The features can include custom work unit templates, external invite capabilities, dashboard reports, search features, access to work units, support resources, dependency capabilities, and onboarding resources.

The system manages user information associated with different subsets of users within an overarching group, where each subset may have a different account level providing varying levels of access to features. The method involves determining collaboration between users based on specific work units or interactions within the online environment. The overarching group can represent organizations, companies, entities, corporations, enterprises, or businesses, while subsets can include sub-groups, divisions, departments, or task forces within the group. This system allows for a dynamic and tailored approach to collaboration work management, ensuring that users have access to the necessary features based on their specific roles and interactions within the platform.

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