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Apple to delay launch of Apple Intelligence and other AI-powered features in EU

Apple said that three AI features, Phone Mirroring, SharePlay Screen Sharing enhancements, and Apple Intelligence will not be launched in the EU this year.

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China’s ByteDance partners with Broadcom to develop advanced AI chip

There have been no publicly announced chip development collaborations between US and Chinese companies since export restrictions were enforced by Washington in 2022.

Nvidia: who is using the AI chips made by the world’s most valuable company?

Nvidia has grown from a company making graphics cards for gamers into a tech giant powering AI across a host of industries.

OpenAI acquires real-time analytics company Rockset 

Founded by former Facebook employees, Rockset excels in data indexing and querying capabilities.

TCS to modernise Xerox’s IT infrastructure

The Indian IT major will oversee the migration of Xerox's complex legacy data centres to the Azure public cloud.

AI 10,000-times smarter than humans will be here in a decade, says Softbank CEO

The Softbank CEO said creating artificial super intelligence (ASI) has become his life purpose. 

OpenAI rival Anthropic releases most powerful AI model yet

Anthropic has banked five funding deals worth more than $7.3bn in the past year.

US government to ban the sale of Kaspersky products, citing ties to Russia

The Biden administration are concerned that Kaspersky's access to US intelligence could be exploited by the Russian government.