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The year of AI: 2024 predictions

Business leaders and policy makers alike are anticipating yet another year of rapidly evolving AI technology with all the challenges and opportunities that it presents.

Latest news

McDonald’s partners with Google to fit restaurants with cloud and GenAI technology

McDonald's said the partnership with Google will give it the most sophisticated and productive technology platform in the fast food industry.

Toshiba and Rohm to invest $2.7bn in power devices

The collaboration between Toshiba and Rohm aligns with Japan's push for stronger domestic semiconductor production.

Signal: Naver’s AI exports increase as demand surges in South Korea

Naver's CEO said countries seeking an alternative to US and Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) were turning their attention to South Korea.

Meta to make Facebook and Messenger messages encrypted automatically

Meta will no longer have access to what its Messenger users send or recieve, similar to WhatsApp and Apple's iMessage.

Indian AI startup Sarvam AI raises $41m as country sees AI deal value slowdown

The five-month-old startup is developing custom large language models to help Indian businesses create affordable applications.

X to set up engineering team in Japan, says CEO

Following an advertising boycott, X is pinning its advertising hopes on Japan.

AI seeing staggering demand in agriculture sector

Around 9 in 10 agricultural workers surveyed said that AI would disrupt their jobs within the next five years.