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Alex Blair is a UK-based reporter for GlobalData Media. He writes on topics including international relations, conflict, geopolitics, tech disruption and sportswashing.

Alex Blair


Taliban meets Huawei to discuss mass surveillance plan in Afghanistan

As G7 member boycotts remain firm, Huawei risks Middle Eastern market opportunity by partnering with fundamentalist regime.

Cyberattacks in sport expected to rise, say Microsoft, NCSC, GlobalData

From Manchester United to the Houston Rockets, cybersecurity is an increasing concern among sports clubs.

Samsung poses threat to Taiwan’s ‘silicon shield’

Taiwan is in danger of losing a diplomatic bargaining chip against Chinese hostility if Samsung passes state semiconductor manufacturer TSMC.

Signal: cybersecurity among leading concerns of UK defence companies

UK Ministry of Defence pledges £880k to fund five cybersecurity projects amid LockBit ransomware hacks.

Geopolitics looms large on data privacy horizon

GDPR fines skyrocket past $4bn as 71% of countries worldwide adopt data privacy legislation.

Signal: AI tops cybersecurity in UK defence, security and aerospace hirings

The shift comes as spy agencies lobby UK government to soften “burdensome” laws on AI data use.

AI in cyberattacks – what is vishing?

Generative AI will compound the auto-creation of malicious code used for vishing – voice-generated cyberattacks.

“Technological unemployment is a myth,” says economist on AI

Amid reports that AI could replace 300 million jobs, global macro economist Dario Perkins points instead to the productivity potential of the pervasive technology.

Europe’s AI Act survives eleventh-hour amendment before approval

The world’s first rules on AI have been passed by an overwhelming majority of European Parliament MEPs.

UK is unprepared for AI revolution and risks becoming “irrelevant”, say Blair and Hague

Former rivals release joint report calling for the dismissal of advisers who failed to foresee the AI revolution – and the creation of a “national lab” for British AI development.