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Alex Blair is a UK-based reporter for GlobalData Media. He writes on topics including international relations, conflict, geopolitics, tech disruption and sportswashing.

1/3 of CISOs in the UK ignore NCSC cybersecurity guidance – report

UK officials are set to oblige businesses to report all ransomware attacks amid a spike in state-sponsored hacking.

Explainer: Germany recalls ambassador to Russia over cyberattacks

Germany was targeted by two of the largest global cyberattacks by throughput and bandwidth last year.

Business leaders consider cybersecurity main disruptor – Q1 2024 survey

74% of respondents said cybersecurity was either already disrupting their industry or would do so in the next 12 months.

How did China hack the UK Ministry of Defence?

China denies hacking UK armed forces’ SSCL payroll data services, which are operated by French tech giant Sopra Steria.

Lights, camera, deception: how pro-Kremlin bots portray Hollywood stars as anti-Ukraine

Russia’s Doppelganger network has flooded social media with fake videos of Hollywood stars trashing Ukraine and Zelensky.

Russian cyberattacks, disinformation rampant as key elections cycle begins

Cyberattacks on anti-Kremlin media outlets are rising drastically amid elections in Russia, Romania, Lithuania and Slovakia.

Q&A: startups to watch in tech, finance, energy, health and pharma

GlobalData analysts dissect the current venture landscape and predict the most disruptive technologies and startups for 2024.

Q&A: Why have cyberattacks in Poland spiked since Donald Tusk’s election?

Threat intelligence expert Richard Hummel dissects why cyberattacks in Poland have increased drastically since Tusk was elected.

Is Russia’s military using Musk’s Starlink terminals in occupied Ukraine?

Ukraine’s allegation that Russia illicitly uses Starlink terminals poses a threat to Musk and SpaceX’s relationship with the US DoD.

Ethical constraints the biggest challenge for AI in defence – survey

Defence industry concerns over AI ‘hallucinations’ are not as pressing as the technology’s ethical and legal constraints.