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Chloe Olivia Sladden

Dutch chip firm ASML in the middle of US-China export row

Tensions run hot as the Netherlands gets caught up in US China tech row.

Musk ending Twitter’s Covid misinformation policy will not sit well with the EU

It’s not looking good for Twitter’s fragile relationship with the EU.

War in Ukraine will continue to affect the global tech industry, report finds

Global tech companies will continue to be affected by the war in Ukraine for some time yet.

Humanoid robots won’t roam our streets any time soon

The Tesla Bot is cool, but it also shows the limitations of humanoid robots.

Is the EU €45bn chip plan too little too late?

The EU Chips Act is the bloc’s plan to reduce its reliance on American and Asian producers.

CMA probes Apple and Google over mobile gaming dominance

The Competition and Markets Authority is at it again.

The US economy is hurtling towards a recession in Q2 2023, analysts warn

If you think things are bad now, just wait until next year.

The metaverse will take over the edtech sector by 2030, analyst predicts

Technology is expected to transform education at its core with augmented and virtual reality taking the lead.