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Eve Thomas is a reporter at GlobalData Media, writing on the themes disrupting industries worldwide.

Eve Thomas

Q&A: GlobalData analysts on Gen Z as ‘the most disruptive generation ever’

Gen Z is also the first generation to grow up digitally literate, making the online world an inextricable part of life.

What is neuromorphic computing and how will it impact generative AI?

An analyst suggests there are “limitless possibilities” when AI is modelled after the human brain via neuromorphic computing.

Evolving in unison: ULC Technologies on robotics in energy

The energy sector is modernising ahead of the 2050 net-zero goal, and robotics could provide solutions for pain points.

Global crises are driving new trends among Gen Z

Gen Z is set to benefit from the biggest wealth transfer in history yet faces worse economic conditions than predecessors.

AI everywhere: robotics firm Xtend on “closing the autonomy gap” 

Xtend co-founders Aviv and Matteo Shapira discuss how AI will enhance the capabilities of their drone products.

Foodservices reluctant to adopt robotics despite industry growth

The robotics industry is growing rapidly, but there has been early resistance to the technology from foodservices companies including US fast food giant McDonalds.

Exoskeletons to be the fastest growing part of robotics industry

With uses in medicine, defense and manufacturing, exoskeletons will make humans stronger and safer, as robotics continues to grow.

AI has huge productivity potential, but so did smartphones 

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to revolutionise business productivity, but that doesn’t mean it will.

The rise and fall of NFTs

Once a fast-paced and dynamic market, the glory days of NFTs are over.

Can NFTs ever be useful?

The Dreamy Whales NFT collection is one example of how NFTs are finding real world use cases.