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Eve Thomas

Eve Thomas is a reporter at GlobalData Media, writing on the themes disrupting industries worldwide.

Growing robotics sector will plug mining talent gap – GlobalData report

Set to be worth $218bn by 2030, robotics will change the talent requirements of the mining sector, which is struggling with recruitment.

How “energy-hungry AI” is straining grids and spreading climate disinfo

Touted as a climate change solution, AI has been criticised for its vast energy demand, and its history of “turbocharging disinformation”.

Interactive tech will drive growth for physical retail – GlobalData report

Physical retail will grow by 5.1% in 2024 as AR and VR tech offers interactive experiences, according to a new GlobalData report.

Big Tech M&A decreasing amid tightening regulation – report

As regulators take an increasingly tougher stance on M&A deals, Big Tech risks losing out.

US digital therapeutics market to grow at 25% CAGR from 2022 to 2030

DTx remote monitoring and personalised solutions can manage chronic, respiratory, neurological and mental health conditions.

Apple’s Vision Pro heralds a new world of medical XR

Apple’s Vision Pro has put XR technology centre stage, and the medical sector is one that looks set to benefit.

Scepticism of AI remains despite disruptive impact – GlobalData survey

Over three-quarters of survey respondents believe AI will be disruptive, but not everyone believes it deserves the hype.

What is digital cash and why are there privacy concerns around it?

As digital cash is considered by governments across the globe, questions are being asked about privacy and cybersecurity.

AI and climate change mean “colossal transformation” for businesses

PwC’s Global CEO Survey suggests that “massive investment” is needed by businesses to tackle the likes of AI and climate change.

Horizon scandal: how the UK Post Office failed

The Horizon scandal remains a cautionary tale for any organisation that fails to recognise the importance of good governance.