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Proximus explores uncharted telco territory with next gen e-care app

Proximus is revolutionising the telecommunications landscape with the introduction of Proximus+, an innovative step up in telco super-app development that flips the traditional e-care application on its head.

For US consumers on ACP, May 2024 will be the cruellest month

Almost all US operators face some exposure to the demise of the current iteration of the ACP.

Telcos prioritising SMBs for growth

Analysis reveals that telcos are expanding beyond their core connectivity business, usually in adjacent or connectivity-enabled markets such as security and hosted applications, in order to improve their SMB propositions.

US Government sounds alarm on threats to critical infrastructure

The White House issued a warning of serious threats to US water systems, flagging recent breaches of critical infrastructure perpetrated by actors affiliated with the Iranian and Chinese governments.

The (5G) revolution will be (publicly) monetised

Mobile operators are increasingly looking to public sector funding to leverage their investments in 5G networks with new services and solutions. Dedicated networks for verticals like healthcare and municipalities as well as fixed wireless access for schools and other institutions are among the areas where 5G is actually being deployed.

Telekom Germany and Bling pair digital telco expertise with fintech

Bling Mobile joins a growing stable of Telekom Germany’s youth-oriented, app-centric mobile forays.

GenAI should factor in data centre design, sustainability

While enterprises are keen to harness the power of GenAI, they need to review data centre requirements to pave the way for innovation.

Mobile operators see some momentum in private networks

Recent announcements from US or European mobile operators on private cellular networks included few service enhancements. However, trials or deployments in automotive, retail, industry, venues, universities, ports, and utilities suggest momentum.

M2M/IoT and 5G are fuelling the digital landscape transformation in Italy

M2M/IoT subscriptions is projected to increase from 29.7 million in 2023 to 32.1 million in 2028.

Right before our eyes, contact centres are changing

Three fundamental changes are happening simultaneously, impacting the way contact centres operate and the way customers engage with them.