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Shoppable ads mix US streaming content and e-commerce

The TV and video shoppable ad trend currently gaining traction in the US market will continue to grow.

UK fiber: Deep pockets required

The path to breakeven seems to be the strategic challenge.

Vodafone Portugal takes a la carte fibre-to-the-room

The service provides households with direct, wired fibre connections to multiple rooms of the home using purpose-made transparent cabling.

More than half of Netherlands mobile subscriptions to be 5G

In the Netherlands, 5G services will hold a 30% share of total mobile subscription in 2023 and will increase significantly to 67% in 2028.

Qatar to keep its focus on 5G

At the close of 2022, Qatar had achieved 98.3% 5G population coverage, a result of concerted efforts between the government and service providers, to improve the quality and quantity of internet services.

Webex Go with AT&T smooths hybrid work despite rough edges

Aside from aligning with hybrid work trends, Webex Go with AT&T sports some intriguing features

Meta and MediaTek’s AR silicon will move the AR segment forward

This is Meta’s second big collaboration with MediaTek.

Microsoft releases first in-house microprocessor for GenAI

The Maia 100 and Cobalt 100 processors are designed by the company for its cloud infrastructure.

Broadcom closes VMware deal, creating customer concerns in the cybersecurity segment

Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware follows suit to acquisitions in the cybersecurity sector.

Apple to adopt RCS: the proprietary king bows to the EU, universal experience

Working alongside the GSMA and its members will give Apple more control over the direction of the Universal Profile than if it were to work with Google’s proprietary profile.