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Is new technology making cars less secure?

A rise in keyless car thefts in London emphasizes the automotive industry’s need to address cybersecurity.

Generative AI in 2024: expect deals, killer apps and scandal say analysts

GlobalData analysts have discussed significant GenAI partnerships and predictions for the industry in the coming year.

US and China “neck and neck” in quantum computing

In the US, private companies are leading quantum computing development, while in China it is being driven by state institutions.

Why is New York City set to regulate delivery e-bikes?

NYC’s new department of sustainable delivery will improve worker safety but will increase costs for food service industry.

Q&A: GlobalData analysts on key tech, media, telecoms themes for 2024

GlobalData thematic analysts discuss predictions and key themes in the technology, media and telecoms sector heading into 2024.

Lack of comms, security standards and real-time intel slowing IoT adoption

Despite some roadblocks, the rise of artificial intelligence is catalysing the growth of the Internet of Things.

Q&A: GlobalData analysts on the growing space economy

GlobalData analysts discuss the space economy, covering its projected growth, satellites, regulatory and technological trends.

Social media under scrutiny as data privacy regulation, fines ramp up

Data privacy and human rights are core considerations around the evolving regulation of the social media industry.

Q&A: GlobalData’s Thomas Pothalingam on the critical batteries industry

GlobalData analyst Thomas Pothalingam discusses the battery industry – its current state, key trends and China’s dominance.

Regulation and environment among key considerations for the future of AI

While AI is set to have revolutionary impacts, there are concerns about whether a global standard of regulation can be achieved.