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Simone Bateson

Simone Bateson is a UK-based Tech Reporter at Verdict. She has worked for B2B publications in English and Spanish, reporting on AI, cybersecurity and the effect of new technologies on both government legislation and private industry.

Companies lagging on ethical AI, says Google’s former responsible AI program manager

Toju Duke, ex-Google employee for responsible AI development, tells Verdict that companies have been slow to implement the ethical handling of AI.

Meta to introduce retention ‘hooks’ as Thread’s users more than halve

Zuckerberg says Meta will focus on encouraging retention of products as Threads app loses half its user-base following launch.

Meta will charge cloud computing companies for AI model Llama 2

Large cloud-computing companies, including Microsoft and Alphabet, will need to pay a fee.

Google, OpenAI and Microsoft launch responsible AI oversight body

Leading AI companies launch industry body to lend expertise for the safe development and deployment of cutting-edge AI models.

Thales announces $3.6bn acquisition of cybersecurity firm Imperva

The acquisition is expected to increase the company’s total cybersecurity revenue to over $2bn.

TikTok takes on music streaming market as Spotify’s shares drop

Spotify’s disappointing revenue growth gives TikTok the opportunity to launch its rival music platform.

Lyft contemplates selling bike and scooter business

The bike and taxi service company is considering selling up as it struggles to keep pace with competitor Uber.

EVCS to raise $125m for EV charging network expansion

The EV charging operator pushes for network growth as US electrification of highways sees EV firms compete for state-backed subsidies.

SoftBank and Symbotic set up new AI-powered warehousing joint venture

The $100m investment will see AI-powered technology increase warehousing supply-chain efficiency.