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Stu Robarts

Stu is editor for Thematic Intelligence at GlobalData, overseeing news and features that cover the major themes affecting industries.

AI is supercharging search on company websites – Elastic

AI and LLMs are now being used to interpret search results based on company data and present answers back in understandable forms.

Can cybersecurity keep pace with attackers? ‘The limits are being tested’ – Bugcrowd

Bugcrowd’s founder and CSO Casey Ellis and CEO David Gerry discuss the company’s evolution and it the cybersecurity landscape.

The state of cybersecurity: AI and geopolitics mean a bigger threat than ever

Perpetrators are using AI to facilitate cyber attacks, while attacks themselves are being used to sow geopolitical discord.

Network APIs may ‘drive whole new types of capabilities and applications’

Network APIs are causing excitement for telecoms service providers for the potential opportunities they present.

Companies’ own AI applications are ‘a huge cybersecurity problem’ – expert

Mindgard’s Peter Garraghan tells Verdict: “The problem we’re talking about here is cybersecurity threat against AI itself.”

AI attacks now ‘the main cybersecurity concern’ for businesses across sectors

Ahead of GlobalData’s ‘Tackling 2024’s Cybersecurity Challenges’ webinar, David Bicknell discusses AI and the evolving threat landscape.

MWC 2024 saw AI, 5G come of age – GlobalData analysis

David George, director of services for GlobalData’s Thematic Research team, believes AI and 5G had matured at this year’s event.

Q&A: the emerging tech trends impacting travel and tourism

GlobalData analyst Monia Borawi outlines the increasing significance of cybersecurity, AI and personalisation in the travel and tourism sector.

Industry takes: what are the future challenges and benefits of AI?

Industry experts discuss the pitfalls of AI as it develops and the benefits that will make them worth tackling.

Industry takes: has AI hit a tipping point?

Industry voices discuss the current state of AI, what challenges it faces and what benefits it will deliver in future.