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October 22, 2020updated 28 Jan 2022 11:13am

Beachfront real estate a growing trend in Bahrain

Despite global challenges and setbacks owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, Bahrain’s real estate market continues to present a compelling opportunity for developers. Real estate transactions have jumped by 55%, while building permits more than doubled in June 2020. Beachfront investment properties in particular are gaining traction as an emerging trend for investors keen to capitalise on the Kingdom’s beautiful beaches and rich tourism offering as the world begins to reopen. From Diyar Al Muharraq to Durrat Al Bahrain, the Kingdom offers a diverse range of options for regional and international investors, as people seek out a vacation destination or a luxurious family home.

High-demand properties

Now more than ever, buyers in the region are looking for properties that offer a vacation experience without the need to get on a plane. With its competitive rental and buyer fees, Bahrain’s beachfront property sector is fast-emerging as the low-cost getaway of choice for the region’s would be vacationers, driving growth and demand for waterfront properties. This has created a number of opportunities for investors and developers alike, in the construction of mega-projects such as all-inclusive beach resorts complete with water-based entertainment.

Invest in Bahrain

Bahrain’s real estate growth is focussed on addressing the rising consumer demand for integrated communities that offer opportunities across the live, work, play dimensions. The Kingdom is undergoing a transformation worth US$ 32 billion that is changing the infrastructure, industrial, hospitality and retail sectors through public and private investments. In real estate, beachfront properties are an exciting growth segment, and one that has proven resilient to market shocks. Combined with Bahrain’s offering of 100 per cent foreign ownership to investors with no restrictions on the movement of capital, tax-free environment, and one of the highest rental yields in the GCC, it is not hard to see why the Kingdom’s real estate offers a unique experience for residents.

Beachfront cities

Island development Dilmunia is one of Bahrain’s most exciting projects where ongoing construction projects span hospitality, recreation and residences that promote a lifestyle based on well-being. While Marassi AlBahrain in Muharraq, offers investors and real estate buyers properties with close-knit communities and a relaxed lifestyle along with water-based activities by the beach. The development includes residential towers and a new shopping mall in close proximity to the famous Marassi beach. The Durrat Al Bahrain development promises plenty of adventure in a relaxed island setting, with waterfront activities such as sailing and jetskiing. Situated on the outermost edge of Bahrain, the man-made island is home to residential towers and townhouses that overlook the sea. Meanwhile the US $2.5 billion Diyar Al Muharraq project offers an integrated, inclusive city complete with an 8km public beach.

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