April 4, 2007

Best Shopping in Brussels

By Verdict Staff


For the foodie, Brussels is an obvious heaven, but less well known is the capital’s thriving fashion scene which is spearheaded by a series of unique and eccentric boutiques.

These, complemented by some of the world’s biggest names in luxury brands, have given rise to a shopping Mecca. Below Elite Traveler has hand-picked some of the city’s shops that are not to be missed.

Best Shopping Areas/District

As a capital city, Brussels has its share of luxury branded stores; these can be found on and around Rue Neuve and Rue Antoine Dansaert, just a stone’s throw to the north of the Grand Place.

Heading south is the Sablon district, where cobble-stoned streets house world famous antiques shops selling everything from marble busts to Louis XIV chairs. To the south of the Grand Place is Avenue Louise, an area stuffed full of boutiques and bespoke stores as well as some of the city’s most fashionable restaurants and hotels.


Sandrin A Fas Oli Boutiquedestination

Brussels abounds with up-and-coming designers, but one of the most recently successful is Sandrina Fasoli in her partnership with Michael Marson.

With a sharp eye for color and femininity, combining the playful and serious, they have created a unique style that has helped put Brussels in the fashion spotlight. The Sandrina Fasoli boutique is modern, sparse and white, the appropriate backdrop to its sleek dresses and slouchy knitwear.

+32 2 343 3386

22 Place Brugmannplein, 1050




Chocolate in Belgium, like wine in France and pasta in Italy, is one of those cultural stereotypes that is taken very seriously.

Brussels is packed with chocolatiers, but there is one, above all, that will change your outlook on chocolate forever: Pierre Marcolini. Every year he travels the world in a tireless search for the finest cocoa beans and then blends them to create over a hundred varieties of chocolate, some that are as delicate as vintage wines. Visit his flagship store of the same name on Place du Grand Sablon and sample pralines made with Earl Grey tea or “summer chocolates” blended with passion fruit, mango and yuzu.

Maggy Coenaerts

+32 2 514 1206

1 Rue des Minimes, Place du Grand Sablon, 1000




This one-of-a-kind perfumery has been recommended to us by a number of the city’s top concierges and residents.

In a world of ready made, mass produced perfumes, L’Antichambre offers something unique and exciting: bespoke scents. Owner Anne Pascale Mathy-Devalck will guide you through the fascinating process of creating your own perfume, trying notes you like and rejecting those you don’t until you have mixed your perfect fragrance.

Anne Pascale Mathy-Devalck, General Manager and Owner

+32 2 343 5513

13 Place George Brugmann, 1050


Dayekh Gems

‘Where passion and experience make the difference’

That’s more than just a motto at Dayekh Gems – it’s a way of life.

Dayekh Gems is a family run business, now into its second generation. Hassan Dayekh opened the Antwerp store in 1975 after 25 years of mining experience in West Africa, and since then the company has evolved from a rough diamond distributor to a polishing company producing some of the world’s most distinguished diamonds. Dayekh’s capable hands transformed the Challenger I, II, III and IV from 295 carat stones in rough into four internally flawless white diamonds weighing 115.83 carats, 26,08 carats, 16,41 carats and 3,27 carats respectively.

Routine has never been part of the Dayekh ethos, and the company has progressed in leaps and bounds since its early days as a manufacturing firm. With a firm grounding in mining and acquired expertise in polishing and retail, Dayekh Gems has a unique understanding of the diamond industry and can follow the journey of a gem all the way from the ground to the finished jewel on your finger.

The proudest asset at Dayekh Gems is the ‘D’ Brilliant Cut, an exquisite diamond at the forefront of diamond craftsmanship. It takes a Master Polisher to create the ‘D’ Brilliant Cut from its rough form, and the result is a 16-sided, 105-faceted stone with a lotus flower pattern rather than the basic arrows on the pavilion. This design breaks the light into a myriad of frequencies, resulting in more light scintillation, sparkle and brilliance.

Having wowed diamond connoisseurs with the ‘D’ Brilliant Cut, the team at Dayekh Gems is now developing a sequel: the ‘Premium’ D Brilliant Cut. The pinnacle of sparkle, brilliance and fire, this gem looks set to become the superstar of diamonds and will soon be hot property among those in the know.

Alexander Dayekh

+32 3 226 1191 Fax: +32 3 226 2157

Dayekh Gems bvba, Appelmansstraat 25, Box 24, 2018 Antwerp


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