April 6, 2007

Best Shopping in Prague

By Verdict Staff

Linea Piu

The elite shopper will find a haven of luxury brands in the famous Parizska Street, known for its vast collection of haute couture stores such as Dior, Versace and Armani.

Prague has a long history of artistic creativity, expressed not only in its architecture and cuisine, but also in its eclectic interpretation of fashion. Here you will find a selection of Prague’s finest shopping destinations and its very best brands.


Parizska Street is considered the most fashionable area in the capital. Indulge all your shopping senses – and your credit card – in Hermes, Dunhill, Cartier and many top gourmet venues along the stunning tree-lined street that runs through Old Town towards the river.

Inside its many gothic buildings you can find cut glass, jewelry, cosmetics and world leading designer boutiques and, if you want respite from retail, there is always a fine dining restaurant within easy reach.


Venture a little further around Old Town Square and you will find Prague’s hidden fashion gems.

Eight domestic labels have joined forces to create the Czech Fashion Centre, a design enclave showcasing homegrown fashion.Its members include award-winning designers Hana Havelková, Alexandra Pavalová and Ivana Šafránková, Martina Nevařilová, Ivana Follová, Tatiana Kováříková, Hana Stocklassová, Jozef Sloboda for menswear and Klára Nademlýnská.



Two of Prague’s foremost designers, Alexandra Pavalova and Ivana Safrankova, collaborate to bring the range of modern classical yet stylish business and casual wear to the capital’s streets.

An elegant, minimalist approach to color and design, coupled with the finest quality fabrics and workmanship make Timoure et Group a force to be reckoned with in the Czech fashion world. Their first store opened in 2000 within the Jewish Quarter, just moments from Pařížská Street. After such a success Timoure et Group then opened a second store in 2005 close to the Národní Třída, one of the city’s busiest streets.

+420 222 327 358

V kolkovně 6, Old Town



A collection of luxury brands brought together under the same roof.

Simple Conceptstore is based on the famous Colette Boutique in Paris, and as such follows a long and successful line of other concept stores such as Moos in New York and Corso Como in Milan. Enter a world that displays the finest selections of the latest collections from premier fashion houses. Brands include: Balenciaga, Dior, Givenchy, Chloé, Lanvin Paris, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Vanessa Bruno, Diptyque, Costes, Christofle, Rick Owens, Creed, and Balmain.

Lukas Loskot, Creative Director

+420 725 808 591

Parízská 20, 110 00 Prague



BURBERRY Phone: +420 222 317 445 Address: Carollinum, Parízská 11/67, 110 00 Website: www.burberry.com
DIOR Phone: +420 222 310 134 Address: Parízská 4, 110 00 Website: www.dior.com
GUCCI Phone: +420 222 316 091 Address: Parízská 9, 110 00 Website: www.gucci.com
GIORGIO ARMANI – ARMANI/CASA PRAGUE Phone: +420 221 851 045 Address: At Stopka, Praha City Center, Klimentska 46, 110 02 Website: www.giorgioarmani.com
HERMÈS Phone: +420 224 817 545 Address: Parízská 12, 110 00 Website: www.hermes.com
LOUIS VUITTON Phone: +420 224 812 774 Address: Parízská 13/66, 110 00 Website: www.louisvuitton.com
PRADA Phone: +420 221 890 380 Address: Parízská 125/16, 110 00 Website: www.prada.com
VERSACE Phone: +420 224 810 016 Address: U Prasné Brany 3, 110 00 Website: www.versace.com


AUDEMARS PIGUET BOUTIQUE Phone: +420 222 312 320 Address: Parízská 1, 11000 Website: www.audemarspiguet.com
BOUTIQUE CARTIER Phone: +420 221 709 000 Address: Parízská 2, 11000 Website: www.cartier.com
HUBLOT BOUTIQUE Phone: +420 222 310 907 Address: Parízská 1, 11000 Website: www.hublot.com
TAG HEUER Phone: +420 222 319 030 Address: La Boutique Suisse, Parízská 17, 110 00 Website: www.tagheuer.com