April 26, 2007

Best Shopping in Tel Aviv

By Verdict Staff

Timeless glamour and style at Philosophy

With its fun, creative vibe and stylish young population Tel Aviv has a welldeserved reputation as the fashion capital of Israel – and with glittering flagship designer stores, chic boutiques and a long-awaited Fashion Week being organized for 2011, it is fast becoming an international style hotspot.

The prestigious areas of Kikar Hamedina and Dizengoff Street are the places to go for elite designer shopping, while the Ramat Aviv, Dizengoff Center and Azrieli Center malls also have their fair share of top names and boutiques. Meanwhile trendy neighborhoods Neve Tzedek and Gan Hahashmal are chock full of smart and sexy boutiques from cutting edge local designers, as well as a wealth of cafés and bars for when it’s time to take a break from browsing.


Ronen Chen on Dizengoff Street

With five exclusive stores in Tel Aviv, 17 in Israel and many more across the world, Ronen Chen is one of the country’s most celebrated and prestigious designers, with a philosophy of ‘simplicity, comfort and individuality’ which never compromises on smart and elite style.

His chic boutiques contain stylish, timeless designs for the successful modern woman and are wildly popular with Tel Aviv’s jet-set crowd. A personal shopper service is available for a truly bespoke shopping experience.

Ilona Leist, Director of Local Market Sales

+972 54 303 0538

Personal shopper contact: Yael Schatz

+972 3 518 8433, extension 3

49 Sheinkin Street

972 3 528 0360

155 Dizengoff Street

+972 3 527 5672


+972 3 516 0051

8 Habarzel Street

+972 3 635 8468

5 Tel Giborim Street

+972 3 518 4438



Israeli designer Michal Negrin has won acclaim both at home and abroad for her Victorian-inspired and exquisitely feminine clothing, jewelry, dolls, accessories and homeware.

Her high-concept collection is remarkable for its attention to detail, craftsmanship, sumptuous colors and style, and conjures up an ethos of beauty, romance and vintage femininity. To visit one of her Tel Aviv boutiques is to step into a world of eclectic Victorian-style glamour, where you can discover exquisite and original fashion or a striking vintage accessory.


+972 3 516 0266

Azrieli Center, Second Floor

+972 3 691 2799

37 Sheinkin Street

+972 3 525 2752

Dizengoff Center, 50 Dizengoff Street

+972 3 525 2456

Ramat Aviv Mall, 40 Einstein Street

+972 3 744 7106



Cutting edge fashion at Delica tess en

Delicatessen is owned by home-grown Tel Aviv designer Idit Barak whose elegant and clever vintage-influenced fashions have made a splash both at home and in New York where she studied at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology.

Her boutique’s adventurous modern design has earned plaudits, and fits well into the trendy Gan Hahashmal area where funky bars and cutting edge boutiques are in abundance.

+972 3 560 2297

4 Barzilai Street


Timeless glamour and style at Philosophy

One of the most exclusive places to shop in the city, Philosophy is a unique, highconcept fashion experience for the confident and stylish modern gentleman or woman.

It offers timeless and carefully chosen fashions from the world’s elite designers that are characterized by quality, elegance and good taste. Philosophy aims to be more than a shopping destination – guests are welcomed as members of an elite club and invited to discuss their personal style needs over a cigar, a glass of wine or an espresso in the exclusive Club Corner. With a clientele that includes top executives, statesmen and opinion-makers, Philosophy specializes in tailoring for those at the top of their field, and in providing a bespoke sartorial service for each client’s individual image and style.

Arie (men’s personal shopper) or Doron (women’s personal shopper)

+972 3 602 4290 or +972 3 546 1170

70 He Beiyar Street



BURBERRY Phone: +972 3 609 0378 Address: 22 Kikar Hamedina Website: www.burberry.com
CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN AT AMOR Phone: +972 3 546 8756 Address: 74 He Beiyar Street Website: www.christianlouboutin.com
EMPORIO ARMANI Phone: +972 3 544 2484 Address: 22 He Beiyar Street Website: www.emporioarmani.com
GUCCI Phone: +972 3 691 5165 Address: 26 He Beiyar Street Website: www.gucci.com
LOUIS VUITTON Phone: +972 3 695 7675 Address: 32 He Beiyar Street Website: www.louisvuitton.com
POLO RALPH LAUREN Phone: +972 3 695 4388 Address: 34 He Beiyar Street Website: www.ralphlauren.com
POLO RALPH LAUREN SPORT Phone: +972 3 643 7535 Address: Ramat Aviv Mall, 40 Einstein Street Website: www.ralphlauren.com


BAUME & MERCIER At H. Stern Phone: +972 3 609 5157 Address: Azrieli Center, 132 Menachem Beguin Road Website: www.baume-et-mercier.com At H. Stern Phone: +972 3 524 9619 Address: Hilton Tel Aviv, Independence Park Website: www.baume-et-mercier.com At H. Stern Phone: +972 3 643 7202 Address: Ramat Aviv Mall, 40 Einstein Street Website: www.baume-et-mercier.com
BULGARI At Padani Phone: + 972 3 643 7267 Address: Ramat Aviv Mall, 40 Einstein Street Website: www.bulgari.com At Padani Phone: +972 3 527 0901 Address: 185 Hayarkon Street Website: www.bulgari.com At Padani Phone: +972 3 695 1254 Address: 26 He Beiyar Street Website: www.bulgari.com