April 3, 2007

Best Shopping in Vienna

By Verdict Staff

Aquamarine diamond ring by Schullin

Starting at the Hofburg, the prestigious streets of Kohlmarkt, Graben and Kärntner Straße form what is known locally as the ‘Golden U‘, a hub of elite luxury shopping.

Once the traditional home of court jewelers and tailors, the area today is a mecca of chic boutiques and palatial flagship stores. Elite travelers will discover the latest in haute couture and exquisite designer jewelry, at some of the most exclusive addresses in the city.


Knize & Comp © Knize & Comp

Located in a striking store designed by an award-winning architect, on one of the prettiest streets in Vienna, is the unique and beautiful jewelry of Schullin – a name synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship and playful luxury.

Owner and master jeweler Herbert Schullin is fascinated by the bold colors of gemstones and crystals, and sees jewelry as a unique statement of individuality and identity. His quirky yet masterful pieces, featuring sumptuous color and rare stones, are at the cutting edge of bespoke fashion jewelry. They make for highly exclusive and individual mementos of Vienna for the true jewelry lover, as well as adding the wow-factor to any outfit – perfect for your next party.

Herbert Schullin, Owner

+43 1 533 9007

Kohlmarkt 7, 1010



Aquamarine diamond ring by Schullin

Timeless rather than trendy, Knize has been tailoring smart, stylish menswear since the 19th century, when it was the official tailor to the imperial court.

It later branded itself as the first international male fashion label, representing sleek sartorial luxury for gentlemen based on the best quality materials, attention to detail and a dedication to classic elegance over passing fads. A visit to Knize & Comp is a dose of pure old-world luxury: a world of gentlemen’s clubs, curling cigar smoke and the best whiskey, where everyone is turned out in sharp, timeless style. As the Knize website confidently asserts, “The unavoidable question of style begins with the overcoming of fashion.” – the philosophy of the bold, impeccably self-assured modern gentleman. Why not express and carry this attitude with you with Knize’s exclusive tailoring, or its classic range of men’s fragrances, popular with the well-heeled and well-dressed for more than 80 years.

+43 1 512 2119

Graben 13, 1010



AGENT PROVOCATEUR Phone: +43 1 890 4192 Address: Tuchlauben 14, 1010 Website: www.agentprovocateur.com
BURBERRY Phone: +43 1 532 2820 Address: Kohlmarkt 2, 1010 Website: www.burberry.com
CACARTIER Phone: +43 1 5332 2460 Address: Kohlmarkt 1, 1010 Website: www.cartier.com
CHANEL Phone: +43 1 536 18 Address: Kohlmarkt 5, 1010 Website: www.chanel.com
DOLCE & GAGABBANA Phone: +43 1 5323 0000 Address: Kohlmarkt 8-10, 1010 Website: www.dolcegabbana.it
GIORGIO ARMANI Phone: +43 1 535 2470 Address: Kohlmarkt 3, 1010 Website: www.armanistores.com
GUCCI Phone: +43 1 532 4088 Address: Kohlmarkt 5, 1010 Website: www.gucci.com
HERMÈS Phone: +43 1 532 5656 Address: Graben 22, 1010 Website: www.hermes.com
LOUIS VUITTON Phone: +43 1 533 6151 Address: Kohlmarkt 6, 1010 Website: www.louisvuitton.com
MONTBLANC Phone: +43 1 532 3330 Address: Graben 15, 1010 Website: www.montblanc.com
Phone: +43 1 513 5556 Address: Rauehensteingasse 4, 1010 Website: www.missoni.com
PRADA Phone: +43 1 513 6165 Address: Weihburggaße 9, 1010 Website: www.prada.com
TIFFANY & CO. Phone: +43 1 535 3950 Address: Kohlmarkt 8-10, 1010 Website: www.tiffany.com
VAVALENTINO Phone: +43 1 533 7902 Address: Michaelerplatz 3, 1010 Website: www.valentino.com
VERSACE Phone: +43 1 533 2531 Address: Graben Trattnerhof 1, 1010 Website: www.versace.com