March 8, 2019

Blockchain game development ahead as key partnership signed

By Lucy Ingham

Two key players in the blockchain industry have agreed a partnership designed to make blockchain game development a reality.

The partnership, which is between blockchain technology developer Blockmason and blockchain application provider MagnaChain, is designed to provide an ecosystem for game development.

This will primarily allow game developers to easily build blockchain technologies into their games, enabling support for both blockchain-based payments and the technology to be built into the infrastructure of the game itself.

It could be particularly beneficial for online games, ensuring the overall game remains unaffected by abuse or tampering.

“We see this partnership as one that can help players and developers alike benefit from the upcoming ‘blockchain era’ of gaming history,” said Hal Bame, CEO of MagnaChain.

Experience-free blockchain game development

Central to the offering is the provision of blockchain technologies without the need to have experience in implmeneting blockchain.

Built on Blockmason’s blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service platform Link, it will allow game developers to use blockchains such as MagnaChain within their games.

Through the platform, they will be able to implement smart contracts or other blockchain solutions in their games without needing to purchase cryptocurrencies, acquire servers or install plugins.

“We’re excited to partner with MagnaChain, a company doing innovative work in the blockchain-based gaming space,” said Michael Chin, CEO of Blockmason.

Blockchain game development is just one of a host of applications for the technology that are beginning to emerge as its applications beyond cryptocurrencies are explored.

In the finance industry, PwC is trialling the technology’s use to replace paper qualifications for its staff who have qualified through the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.

Meanwhile, in the creative field, blockchain is being paired with drones to create and preserve urban street art.

However, one of the most unusual applications can be found in The Bahamas, where marine archaeology is being tokenised to provide a boost for the country’s ‘blue economy’.

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