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March 14, 2017

Here’s how the online grocery market is going to grow around the world by 2020

By Billy

British online supermarket giant Ocado has reported double-digit sales growth in its latest quarter.

While grocers have struggled to transition online at the pace of other retailers, the market is still set to grow rapidly.

By the end of next year the Chinese online food delivery market will over take the US, while in Europe the online channel will also continue to leech sales from the high street and out-of-town stores.

This growth is something supermarkets have long seen coming but despite their best efforts they’ve had mixed success in trying to head off the likes of Amazon.

The world’s biggest retailer last year threw its full weight into the online food business, but has yet to score any great success, failing to win over customers in the same way it has for other goods.

Supermarkets, for their part, continue to pour huge amounts of cash into the channel in the hope that eventually it will deliver returns.

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