LG Electronics partners with Element AI to create enterprise artificial intelligence roadmap

By Lucy Ingham

LG Electronics has announced a strategic partnership with Element AI in order to advance artificial intelligence (AI) tools for the enterprise space.

The two companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today at CES in Las Vegas, the US, at a ceremony held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Centre.

The strategic partnership will see LG Electronics and Element AI collaborate on several AI-focused research and development projects as part of a wider bid to “operationalise AI” in enterprise and make the technology accessible for everyday users.

“We want to ensure that we are developing AI technology in a way that is meaningful to the customers we serve,” said Dr IP Park, CTO and president of LG Electronics.

“This partnership with Element AI ensures that LG is bringing the right expertise to bear on this huge opportunity, to lead the industry for the responsible and human centric development of AI products and solutions.”

Artificial intelligence framework from LG Electronics and Element AI

The first step in the partnership has taken the form of a joint research initiative to develop a roadmap for future AI development.

Entitled Levels of AIX: AI’s Future and the Human Experience, it was formally unveiled at a press conference following the MOU signing, and focuses on creating a framework for AI to develop responsibly yet quickly.

Framing AI development within four distinct advancement levels, it is designed to guide both AI developers and industry users and ensure that future developments are both ethical and beneficial.

“The development of this strategic partnership is an important indicator that industry leaders like LGE are becoming increasingly aware of the challenges with operationalising AI particularly at the point of interface with human users,” said JF Gagne, CEO and co-founder of Element AI.

“As pioneers in the field it is our responsibility to consider the importance of the Human Experience whilst pushing the boundaries of research and development.

“We greatly value the opportunity to work with LGE on accelerating their AI journey and together we hope to set standards and principles that guide AI practitioners to consider a human centric approach when building the future.”

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