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February 10, 2022updated 11 Feb 2022 8:31am

Meta launches Split Payments for Facebook Messenger users in US

Meta has introduced a new feature dubbed as Split Payments for Facebook Messenger users in the US to allow them to calculate and spilt payments in a group chat.

Split Payments, which was rolled out by the firm last December on a pilot basis, is currently available in the US on iOS and Android phones.

The feature will allow users to divide a bill evenly or change the contribution amount for each participant and send them a request along with a personalised message.

The users can add payment details to send and receive money if they are new to using payment in Messenger and will be able to confirm payment details before they send a payment request, according to the statement by the company.

While announcing the feature  last December, Meta stated: “If you’ve struggled with dividing up (and getting paid back for) group dinners, shared household expenses, or even the monthly rent, it’s about to get easier. Next week for Messenger fans in the US, we’re starting to test Split Payments, a free and fast way to share the cost of bills and expenses.”

In the recent year, Meta has been ramping up its presence in the payment space, taking advantage of its huge user base across the world.

In December, the firm expanded the pilot of its cryptocurrency wallet Novi to its personal messaging platform WhatsApp in the US.

This digital wallet, which was formerly called Calibra wallet, enables users to send and receive money from within a chat using Pax Dollar.

In August last year, reports said that Meta, then known as Facebook, is forming a new financial group called Facebook Financial to run its payment projects.