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May 14, 2018updated 17 May 2018 10:29am

The ten most influential crypto influencers of 2018

By Luke Christou

Anyone and everyone are investing in cryptocurrency nowadays, hoping to earn a quick fortune off of the back of the next Bitcoin. However, very few actually know what they’re doing.

In come the crypto influencers who help to shape the investment choices of those less knowledgeable.

Verdict has scanned and scrutinised the Twitter-sphere in search of the most influential names in cryptocurrency, from founders, to investors, and analysts.

These are the ten individuals that have amassed the biggest followings courtesy of the crypto craze.

However, as this list proves, followers aren’t everything. This isn’t a ranking of followers, but how influential each individual is.

We looked at the number of crypto-related posts by each individual since 1 January 2018, and the number of engagements that they have received. We used this information to crown the most influential of cryptocurrency’s most influential influencers.

Here are the ten most influential crypto influencers of 2018:

10. Max Keiser

Occupation: Broadcaster/MaxCoin founder
Average engagement per post:

Followers Tweets Engagements
223,000 135 23,000

9. MarQuis Trill

Occupation: Musical artist/Cryptocurrency investor
Average engagement per post: 285

Followers Tweets Engagements
4.62 million 215 61,000

8. CryptoYoda

Occupation: Technical analyst/Crypto enthusiast
Average engagement per post: 566

Followers Tweets Engagements
200,000 178 101,000

7. Brian Armstrong

Occupation: Coinbase CEO
Average engagement per post: 789

Followers Tweets Engagements
221,000 43 34,000

6. Nick Szabo

Occupation: Computer scientist
Average engagement per post: 809

Followers Tweets Engagements
206,000 35 28,000

5. Andreas Antonopoulos

Occupation: Author/Bitcoin expert
Average engagement per post: 966

Followers Tweets Engagements
420,000 101 98,000

4. Erik Voorhees

Occupation: CEO of ShapeShift
Average engagement per post: 992

Followers Tweets Engagements
283,000 134 133,000

3. Vitalik Buterin

Occupation: Ethereum co-founder
Average engagement per post: 1,410

Followers Tweets Engagements
756,000 116 164,000

2. Roger Ver

Occupation: Cryptocurrency investor
Average engagement per post: 1,688

Followers Tweets Engagements
528,000 77 130,000

1. Charlie Lee

Occupation: Litecoin creator
Average engagement per post: 3,524

Followers Tweets Engagements
767,000 177 624,000

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