Love isn’t always a bed of roses, but it can be this Valentine’s Day because Chinese life insurer, China Life, has launched love insurance for young romantics.

While traditional insurance is usually bought to cover the risk of something bad happening, the concept behind love insurance is a reward for living happily ever after.

If the couple that takes out the policy marry each other between three to 13 years after the insurance was purchased, the policyholder will receive 10,000 roses for their wedding – enough to cover a 30-square-meter room.

To obtain love insurance from China Life, you pay a one-time fee of Β₯299 ($43), with a discount for students.

China Life’s love insurance is reportedly designed “to guide the younger generation to develop a positive attitude towards love and relationships”, according to China Life.

It’s also intended to be a “blessing to university student couples and military couples”.

Answern Insurance is also reportedly offering a love insurance package for Β₯299.

Students get a discount, with sweethearts getting a reduced rate of Β₯299. If they provide a marriage certificate three years later, they are givenΒ a heart-shaped diamond.

China Daily reported that one undergraduate with the surname Ning reportedly splashed out on love insurance for him and his girlfriend.

Ning was reported as saying:

“We started our love relationship around Singles Day last year, and it’s been almost a year now. We are going to graduate next year. I bought love insurance for Β₯299 for my girlfriend in the hope that our love will last a long time.”