SK Telecom has been granted a patent for a wireless communication terminal that efficiently processes data transmission. The terminal’s processor receives and acknowledges data packets without the need for a bitmap, enhancing communication reliability. GlobalData’s report on SK Telecom gives a 360-degree view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

According to GlobalData’s company profile on SK Telecom, Cloud gaming was a key innovation area identified from patents. SK Telecom's grant share as of February 2024 was 63%. Grant share is based on the ratio of number of grants to total number of patents.

Patent granted for wireless terminal processing all ack capable indicator

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Credit: SK Telecom Co Ltd

The granted patent (Publication Number: US11930398B2) discloses a wireless communication terminal system that includes a recipient and an originator for transmitting and receiving data. The recipient terminal is configured to receive an All ACK capable indicator from the originator, indicating support for processing an All ACK, which signals that all MPDUs in an A-MPDU are received. The recipient terminal then generates a block ACK (BA) frame with specific predetermined values in the TID and ACK type fields to acknowledge the received MPDUs and transmits it back to the originator. On the other hand, the originator terminal transmits the All ACK capable indicator to the recipient, sends the A-MPDU, and receives the BA frame from the recipient, interpreting the predetermined values in the TID and ACK type fields to determine the acknowledgment of all MPDUs in the A-MPDU.

Furthermore, the patent includes a method for operating the wireless communication terminal as an originator, involving the transmission of the All ACK capable indicator and the A-MPDU to the recipient. Upon receiving the BA frame from the recipient, the method determines the acknowledgment of all MPDUs based on the predetermined values in the TID and ACK type fields. Additionally, the method specifies that the BA frame should not include a Block ACK Starting Sequence Control field when the predetermined values are detected in the TID and ACK type fields. This innovative system and method aim to enhance the efficiency and reliability of wireless communication by streamlining the acknowledgment process for transmitted data packets between communication terminals.

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