Any day now, thousands of people in Toulouse, France will wake up to an email that could lead them to €10,000.

Speed-CashCache, a French startup, has organised a large-scale treasure hunt throughout the streets of the French city, with €10,000 as the prize.

Launched two weeks ago, the event is gaining momentum.

Speed-cashcache tweeted on Saturday that more than 40,000 participants had signed up, all eagerly awaiting the day the treasure hunt will start, which has not been announced but will be before the Christmas holidays.

Those registered will receive an email on the day that the treasure hunt begins.

Upon receipt of the email, people will then frantically search the city for ten laminated cards, all hidden in carefully selected safe and public locations. Each card is worth €1,000 ($1,165).

Alongside their friends and family people will have ten days to find the ten cards, using clues that will be published on social media by the start-up.

This concept has already been tried in France, when American Businessman, Jason Buzi failed to launch a similar event in 2014.

Buzi had intended to hide envelopes containing money in Paris’ parks, however was told by police that “the distribution of money in public is prohibited by French criminal law”.

However, Speed-CashCache have avoided this issue by using laminated cards, which are of no real monetary value, but which can be exchanged with the start-up for a cheque of the representative value.

According to the Toulouse start-up, their idea is just a variation of Buzi’s concept which was successful in the US.

The concept has been funded through the entrepreneur’s personal finances, but they hope to develop the idea further if the debut is successful.

If a card is left undiscovered at the end of the game, the loot will be donated to charity. The startup hopes that the treasure hunt will bring people together, get the city moving and encourage them to explore new areas of their town.