Twitter down: Users experience problems posting and viewing tweets

By Lucy Ingham

Users in many parts of the world are experiencing problems with social media site Twitter, and while the site isn’t fully down, large numbers are unable to view or post tweets.

The problem is not impacting all users, but many in the UK, the US and Japan are reporting Twitter not working as expected.

Twitter users are reporting that they are unable to load tweets in their feed and profile, and that the ability to respond to other tweets or post new ones is down.

Users who have attempted to post while experiencing the problems have been able to post some content, although in some cases it still shows as having failed to post. In other cases, attempted responses are showing under different Twitter threads.

twitter down

Verdict writer Berenice Baker experiences “Schrodinger’s tweet”, where Twitter shows a tweet as having both posted and failed to post.

Notably, not all users in particular regions are experiencing the issue: in London, for example, some users are able to post and browse tweets without issue, whereas for others the functionality is down completely.

The website down detector reports “possible problems at Twitter”, with 58% of problems reported with the website, while 32% are with the iOS app and 9% are with the Android app.

The official Twitter account has not yet confirmed any issues with the site.

Twitter down issues come after Trump threatens censorship

The outage comes after US President Trump vowed to bring in new laws to regulate social media after Twitter fact-checked a tweet of his about mail-in ballots.

Trump accused the site of impairing free speech as a result of the action, and is now developing an executive order that is thought to be set to make social media sites liable for the content posted on their platforms.

While todays down issues with Twitter are unlikely to be related, some users have speculated that the issues are a result of the spat, or that they are the result of a coordinated attack by pro-Trump cyberattackers.

Others, meanwhile, have posited that the issues may be a result of Twitter testing new features.

Additional reporting by Berenice Baker.

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