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May 23, 2017

Some of the world’s major city subways and metro maps compared to their geographical maps

By Billy

Many metro and subway maps often look nothing like how they do in the real world.

This has been the case for years and it’s something that has interested people for a long time.

People have been posting gifs of the differences on Reddit, with use Vinnivinnivinni submitting the first one on 15 May.

Berlin was the first one (credit to Vinnivinnivinni)

This one is Barcalona (credit to MightyMiami)

Here’s London (credit to Pham_Trinli)

This one’s Vienna (credit to p6788)

And Oslo (credit to iamthedestroyer)

Here’s New York city’s (credit to playhouse_animation)

This one is Washington (credit to stupidgit)

And Boston (credit to kcalise)

This one is Montreal (credit to weilian82)

This is Singapore (credit to wrcyn)

Here’s Tokyo (credit to –Ninja-)

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