On average, 90 AI apps were built per day in 2023, indicating a significant surge in AI development, a new report from data cloud company Snowflake has found.
Python emerged as the primary programming language for AI development due to its ease of use, active developer community, and ecosystem of libraries and frameworks.

Chatbots, powered by large language models (LLMs), have witnessed a substantial increase, comprising 46% of LLM apps as of May 2023. This trend is expected to continue as chatbots offer more natural and interactive user experiences.

There has been a 123% increase in the processing of unstructured data over the past year. This emphasises the growing importance of modern data governance to protect sensitive data while unlocking its value.

Data governance is becoming more crucial with the adoption of AI, with a focus on knowing, securing, and using data effectively. This includes tagging and classifying data to apply appropriate access and usage policies.

The report suggests that organisations are modernising their operations, tackling AI experiments, and addressing data challenges to leverage the opportunities presented by advanced AI. This entails breaking down data silos and accelerating data strategy execution.

GlobalData’s Thematic Intelligence: Tech Sentiment Polls Q4 2023 survey, carried out across the research and analysis firm’s network of B2B websites, found that 78% of respondents believe that AI will cause either “significant disruption” or “slight disruption” in the future, with 54% of respondents noting that they were already experiencing the impacts of the technology.