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Alice Nunwick

Technology Reporter for GlobalData Media.

Upskilling tech workers is far more cost effective than hiring to fill skills gap – report

Over 60% of tech workers report a lack of awareness among senior executives about skills gaps in their organisations.

A US ban would hurt free speech, says TikTok

The US House of Representatives passed a bill requiring ByteDance to sell its stake in TikTok or face a US-wide ban.

AI insurance ventures raised nearly $2bn in 2023 – GlobalData

AI insurance ventures saw an18% year-on-year increase in funding in 2023.

Slack AI unveils updated recap feature

Slack’s AI messaging features can save users 97 minutes per week on average.

The AI boom is driving a need for advanced semiconductors – GlobalData

GlobalData’s practice head of disruptive tech, Kiran Raj, explained that more widespread AI adoption has led to a dearth in advanced chips.

AI productivity overtaking humans in the workplace – Stanford study

AI is already surpassing humans in image classification, language and visual reasoning.

Logitech launches Logi AI Prompt Builder shortcut for ChatGPT

Logitech customers with a ChatGPT account will be able to generate prompts with the new tool.

Meta’s ‘infinite scroll’ claims denied in US court amid child safety criticism

Over 30 US states attempted to sue Meta alleging it had deliberately designed its social media sites to addictive to children.

Climate tech could combat 90% of emissions by 2050 – report

The report claims that EU climate technology requires €270trn a year funding for companies in the sector to become successful.

Apple commits to increasing investment in Vietnam

Apple pledged to pay Vietnam’s manufacturers more and support the training of new software and semiconductor engineers.