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Alice Nunwick

Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware not out of the woods just yet, warns analyst

Companies cannot ignore the human aspects of their acquisitions, warns GlobalData analyst Steven Schuchart.

Diversity remains paramount in hiring for tech companies, says report

More than 90% of tech companies stated that they had a diversity policy in place for hiring.

Signal: Naver’s AI exports increase as demand surges in South Korea

Naver’s CEO said countries seeking an alternative to US and Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) were turning their attention to South Korea.

AI seeing staggering demand in agriculture sector

Around 9 in 10 agricultural workers surveyed said that AI would disrupt their jobs within the next five years.

X to set up engineering team in Japan, says CEO

Following an advertising boycott, X is pinning its advertising hopes on Japan.

Google releases Gemini its largest AI model yet

Google claims its Gemini model has outperformed both humans and OpenAI’s GPT in benchmark testing.

Microsoft upskills workers a year since its Copilot AI assistant release

Nearly a year since the release of its Copilot AI assistant, Microsoft has furthered its commitment to upskilling workers with AI.

Google Files to enable search using photos

Google’s new Smart Search feature uses machine learning to scan the contents of files and photographs.

DNA data for seven million users breached in 23andme hack

Genetic testing company 23andme reported that a hacker had posted its users data for sale online.

Climate tech investing dominates venture capital investment in 2023

Europe’s investment into clean technology is now on par with the US.