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Revolut launches AI feature to protect customers from card scams and break the scammers “spell”

Revolut observes a 30% reduction in fraud losses resulting from card scams where money has been sent for investment opportunities

Israel’s One Zero Bank launches Gen-AI-powered service platform

Integration with Gen AI-start-up AI21 aims to revolutionise customer interaction

COBOL: A ticking time bomb in the financial system

Anne-Willem de Vries, co-founder and CEO of payment processing platform Silverflow, tells EPI why reliance on COBOL could prove to be the financial system’s downfall, and explains how to move away from it once and for all

Online Fraud Charter: UK government claims world first agreement to tackle online fraud

Some 11 large tech companies have joined forces with the UK government.

The new challenges CFOs are facing: GlobalData webinar

The webinar will explore the expanded role that CFOs play within an organisation, including their leadership role to drive digital transformation.

FCA cracks down on crypto ads: industry reaction

From 8 October firms promoting crypto products or services will need to warn consumers not to expect protection if their investment sours

Social media platforms are struggling with social commerce adoption

Meta is to axe Facebook Live Shopping, following the ecommerce U-turn by TikTok, writes Chris Dinga

UK government kicks off overdue BNPL regulatory push, sector consolidation prospects rise

The UK government confirms that BNPL lenders will be required to carry out affordability checks and must also amend marketing to ensure ads are fair, clear, and not misleading reports Douglas Blakey

Preserving access to cash will not prevent the transition to a cashless UK economy

The government will need to do more if it is to help vulnerable groups who remain cash reliant, argues GlobalData payments analyst Chris Dinga

Chatbots to make online banking efficient and more personalised

Harry Swain, retail banking analyst, GlobalData discusses the success banks such as NatWest and Bank of America are enjoying with their chatbot offerings