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Elizabeth Cooke

Elizabeth Cooke is a trainee reporter, specialising in thematic intelligence. She graduated with a degree in French and Philosophy from Oxford University in 2022.

What does the UK’s Data Protection and Digital Info Bill mean for firms and consumers?

Amendments to the GDPR may prove a boon for tech companies – at the expense of data privacy, according to civil rights groups.

Amazon’s acquisition of iRobot looks set to gain full EU antitrust approval

After being cleared by the UK’s CMA, the European Commission is set to approve the £1.4bn Amazon/iRobot deal.

Consumer concern about AI overtakes excitement – GWI

GWI found that 71% of consumers believe AI is developing at an alarming rate, with implications for the way companies approach implementation.

Cross-industry uptake of biometrics is growing while FTC issues warnings

The FTC is scrutinising unfair biometrics practices, while biometrics tech providers say they’re in an “arms race” with bad actors.

Signal: Tesla’s supercomputer may boost enterprise value by $500bn

Industry-wide efforts to increase AI and self-driving capabilities are dwarfed by Tesla’s custom-built Dojo supercomputer.

ChatGPT user numbers fall for the first time since launch

Monthly traffic to OpenAI’s ChatGPT declined by 10% in June, prompting questions about whether the LLM hype bubble is about to burst.

Google launches “machine unlearning” competition to protect data privacy

The challenge is geared towards making AI systems compliant with data privacy regulation.

AI model collapse could spell disaster for AI development, say new studies

Two new studies suggest that AI may pose an existential threat to itself when new generations of models are trained on datasets polluted by AI-generated content.

Nvidia CEO tells EU Commissioner that chipmaker plans to invest in Europe

Nvidia is “extremely likely” to invest in Europe, says Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, amid an increasing European appetite for microchip FDI.