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Why is Elon Musk so excited about brain-computer interfaces?

Brain-computer interfaces are coming. How excited and worried should we be?

Insatiable data centres’ power consumption at risk when the next heatwave hits

As temperatures rise, data centres need new high-energy cooling systems. However, their present energy demands are already causing problems for city-dwellers.

Trellix unearths “devastating” cybersecurity vulnerability: 200,000 small businesses at risk

Trellix has discovered a vulnerability in WiFi routers developed by DrayTek, which could put hundreds of thousands of small businesses at risk.

Log4j is a pervasive vulnerability. Update your devices now

A hole in a popular piece of code is an open window for criminals.

What is medtech and where will it go next?

A smattering of new technologies is transforming healthcare.

Teenagers prefer Instagram to traditional news outlets

Instagram has become most popular source of news for UK teens

South Korean prosecutors raid offices tied to Luna amidst ongoing crypto crash

South Korean prosecutors have launched several raids against offices linked to defunct cryptocurrency Luna.