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Plugging the skills gap: Canada is innovating in cyber education

The worldwide shortage of cyber professionals has been recently estimated to be about four million. Leading cyber academics Kristin Armstrong and Ali Hassan explain how Sheridan College is responding to growing industry demand for cyber workers with real-world experience, while helping small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with low budgets better protect their security posture.

Iceberg Cyber founder: “I have not come across another cyber hub like this anywhere in the world” 

Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst (the Catalyst) in Brampton is behind some of Canada’s best-known names in cybersecurity monitoring, threat detection and data protection.

Cybersecurity talent shortage: this city is committed to growing the future security workforce  

Millions of workers are urgently needed to fill vacant cybersecurity posts in companies worldwide to protect them from increasing attacks. A public-private collaboration backed by the City of Brampton in Canada is working with industry to build a new talent pipeline at pace.

What will a thriving future city look like in 2040?

The City of Brampton in Canada is incubating the world’s future economy while harnessing its momentum to become a blueprint for the type of location young CEOs and future founders will want to live and work in.

Bahrain leads the way in creating a safe, well-regulated cryptocurrency ecosystem

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance was attracted to Bahrain because of its forward-thinking regulations and abundance of tech talent. Richard Teng, Head of MENA, explains how his company hopes to build on these foundations to grow crypto adoption in the region.

Bahrain’s innovation ecosystem facilitates rapid digital transformation

Forward-thinking financial regulations in Bahrain not only allow fintech innovation to flourish, they are also increasing the sophistication of the country’s financial ecosystem. We meet Shaikh Mohamed Al Khalifa, chief digital growth officer at Batelco, to find out about two of the organisation’s new digital companies that are simplifying financial and communication activities for businesses and consumers.

Open banking pioneer advises other fintechs to seize the opportunity in Bahrain

Three years ago, open banking platform Tarabut Gateway was just an idea. Now, it is a secure, regulated financial infrastructure that has been embraced by banks across the MENA region. CEO Abdulla Almoayed explains why it wouldn’t exist without Central Bank of Bahrain’s Regulatory Sandbox and how the latest injection of funding into the company could help it go global.

Digital transformation strategy set to attract leading tech players to Bahrain

Bahrain’s digital transformation strategy builds on the country’s already-strong track record in ICT, which has gained global recognition, as well as its commitment to driver further growth and investment as it establishes itself as a hub for innovation. We meet Dr Khalid Almutawah, deputy CE, operation & governance, Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), to discuss Bahrain’s digital success stories so far, including its ‘cloud-first’ policy, and how Amazon’s entry into the region could pave the way for other global tech players to follow suit.