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Kurt Robson

Senior reporter at Verdict.

Meta to blur Instagram messages containing nudity

The new feature would be implemented in Instagram’s direct messaging service.

Epic Games proposes Google Play Store revamp after antitrust win

Google has continued to defend its Play Store practices. 

US says Russian hackers used Microsoft access to steal government emails

An unspecified number of government agencies have had their correspondence compromised by Russian hackers.

Week in data: Meta’s AI chip and Google Cloud’s AI assistant

Each week Verdict presents a roundup of the week’s news through data.

Google to trial AI-written search answers in the UK

Microsoft’s rival search engine, Bing, already incorporates its Copilot AI.

South Africa to probe Microsoft over cloud licensing practices

Microsoft has acquired $1.7bn in EU antitrust fines over the past ten years.

Samsung forecasts 900% jump in profit as AI demand grows

The South Korea-based company is the largest maker of memory chips, televisions and smartphones in the world. 

Verdict’s week in data: Google may charge for GenAI and UK AI super-brains

Each week Verdict presents a roundup of the week’s news through data.

Google considers charging for GenAI features in major business model revamp

Big Tech companies are evaluating how to integrate GenAI into their product offerings and business models.

Microsoft, Quantinuum breakthrough takes quantum computing a step closer to commercialisation

Microsoft said it will release the technology to its cloud computing customers in the coming months.