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Kurt Robson

Senior reporter at Verdict.

Shopify ramps up AI-powered features to attract more businesses

After soaring growth during the pandemic, Shopify has since seen a significant slowdown in revenue.

Tencent’s Dungeon & Fighter Mobile makes $270m in first month

The success of Tencent’s new video game release could indicate the arrival of a new franchise for the company.

Apple and Meta in discussions about potential AI partnership

A partnership with Apple could dramatically boost Meta’s competitive advantage in the AI market.

CDK Global starts to restore systems following major cyberattack

CDK has not yet commented on the identity of the hackers but said that the company is in touch with law enforcement. 

China’s ByteDance partners with Broadcom to develop advanced AI chip

There have been no publicly announced chip development collaborations between US and Chinese companies since export restrictions were enforced by Washington in 2022.

Apple to delay launch of Apple Intelligence and other AI-powered features in EU

Apple said that three AI features, Phone Mirroring, SharePlay Screen Sharing enhancements, and Apple Intelligence will not be launched in the EU this year.

AI 10,000-times smarter than humans will be here in a decade, says Softbank CEO

The Softbank CEO said creating artificial super intelligence (ASI) has become his life purpose. 

OpenAI rival Anthropic releases most powerful AI model yet

Anthropic has banked five funding deals worth more than $7.3bn in the past year.

NHS cyberattack: hackers publish stolen blood test and patient data on dark web

The hack on Synnovis is one of the worst cyberattacks in UK history, with more than 1,000 hospital and GP appointments affected by the disruption. CISO warns of dramatic rise in AI scams

Increased use of AI features has allowed bad actors to create convincing images and text in multiple languages, the cyber security boss said.