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Kurt Robson

Chinese AI companies will fail to compete with US rivals in 2024, experts predict

US export bans have halted China’s access to key chips needed for artificial intelligence (AI) development throughout 2023.

Tencent unveils most ambitious game yet as it looks to expand globally

Four years in the making at Tencent’s Lightspeed LA studio, Last Sentinel is the company’s most ambitious game yet.

Toshiba and Rohm to invest $2.7bn in power devices

The collaboration between Toshiba and Rohm aligns with Japan’s push for stronger domestic semiconductor production.

Indian AI startup Sarvam AI raises $41m as country sees AI deal value slowdown

The five-month-old startup is developing custom large language models to help Indian businesses create affordable applications.

McDonald’s partners with Google to fit restaurants with cloud and GenAI technology

McDonald’s said the partnership with Google will give it the most sophisticated and productive technology platform in the fast food industry.

Signal: EV maker Nio considering more staff cuts as China falls behind in EV hiring

William Li, founder and CEO of Nio, said the cuts were “a tough but necessary decision against fierce competition”.

Meta and IBM to promote open-source AI development

The debate around the open-source approach of AI development has been intensifying.

AI may bring systematic risk to UK financial system, says Bank of England

The Bank of England reported that most financial firms are currently using low-risk AI models but warned this could change as the technology becomes more widespread.

Signal: AV industry will not see semiconductor shortages in 2024, analyst predicts

GlobalData estimates that around 11 million units of AV production were lost in 2021 mostly as a result of semiconductor supply constraints. 

Gecko Robotics raises $100m for AI defence tech

Gecko Robotics serves high-profile customers including the US Navy and the UK’s Royal Air Force.