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Lara Williams is editor of Verdict technology. An experienced writer, Lara previously worked as deputy editor of the Financial Times’s fDi Magazine. Lara has a background in technology journalism writing for the UK’s Computing magazine and has spent almost a decade living in Silicon Valley.

Lara Williams

The year of AI: 2024 predictions

Business leaders and policy makers alike are anticipating yet another year of rapidly evolving AI technology with all the challenges and opportunities that it presents.

Can the COP28 give climate tech investment the boost it needs?

If technology and innovation are to be effectively harnessed in addressing the climate crisis, more needs to be done to attract investment.

Five things tech leaders who are too reliant on OpenAI should do

Dawid Robert Kotur, CEO, and Nick Long, CTO, at UK generative AI company Curvestone believe OpenAI’s dominance is unjustifiably inflated.

Will Microsoft’s diversification efforts work this time?

The US software giant failed to anticipate the smartphone revolution but will it lead the AI innovation cycle?

UK climate tech investors urge Sunak to prioritise Net Zero goals – open letter

Sunak’s reversal on the 2030 ban of petrol and diesel cars signalled a lack of commitment to Net Zero goals, say investors.

What will Sam Altman do next?

Altman’s sudden departure from OpenAI is likely to become the biggest tech story of the year. But why did no one see it coming?

Orange steers French telecoms regulator towards ESG goals

The telecoms industry is going through major structural change as it seeks to balance exponential consumer demand for connectivity with ESG commitments.

What is the best job in tech (right now)?

Some industry leaders, like Elon Musk, predict that AI is coming for our jobs. So how can tech workers future-proof their careers?

UK AI Safety Summit: the top five business priorities

Businesses looking to integrate AI into their organisational processes are looking for regulatory clarity on how to proceed.

In conversation: Snowflake’s Sridhar Ramaswamy’s perfect pivot

If there’s one thing that Silicon Valley has mastered, it is the art of the pivot. And San Francisco-based startup, Neeva, is a case in point.