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Lara Williams is editor of Verdict technology. An experienced writer, Lara previously worked as deputy editor of the Financial Times’s fDi Magazine. Lara has a background in technology journalism writing for the UK’s Computing magazine and has spent almost a decade living in Silicon Valley.

Explainer: Is the McDonald’s AI rollout failure a lesson to companies jumping on the AI bandwagon?

A premature AI use case implementation could have disastrous consequences for enterprises, and at the very least cause considerable reputational damage.

Opinion: Resist temptation to rapidly roll out AI – executives must focus on talent and training first

Partha Gopalakrishnan, Brane Group partner and president and former executive leader at Infosys and Tech Mahindra, warns IT leaders not to roll out AI too soon.

Explainer: will Apple Intelligence win over the market on privacy?

Big Tech companies are competing to develop AI products and features of the future. Could Apple’s lead on data privacy give it a competitive edge?

Interview: Snowflake’s Artin Avanes talks data sovereignty in the age of AI

Widespread enterprise AI adoption has increased regulatory complexity for companies of all sizes across all industries and geographies.

Snowflake announces partnership with Nvidia to develop enterprise AI

The announcement at Snowflake Summit 2024 builds on an existing partnership between the two companies.

Interview: Silicon Valley startup Formic pioneers the robotics-as-a-service market

Formic CEO and founder Sam Farid identified how SMEs were being underserved by developments in robotics technology and sought to change things.

Opinion: you are not hallucinating, trusted AI is in reach

Slack’s senior director of engineering, V Brennan, says trust is AI’s biggest challenge.

Explainer: TSMC’s Arizona chip plant death demonstrates its mounting challenges in the US

The Taiwanese chip giant has been beset with challenges in its efforts to increase its manufacturing footprint in the US.

Opinion: accounting sector needs a tech-forward approach

Nick Longden, chief revenue officer at accounting software scaleup AccountsIQ shares with Verdict how the accounting sector needs to embrace digital advances.

Interview: Victory League’s Marcus Bläsche explains how the Third Wave of football is coming

Victory League is targeting a new generation of football fans looking for immediacy and interaction to address the fall in traditional football viewership among GenZ.